Beyond these shores

In News on November 2, 2009 by dadge

Following up on Iain Dale’s blogpost following up on Giles Tremlett’s article in the Guardian, should Brits living abroad be given the franchise?

1. Expats (i.e. those permanently living abroad) shouldn’t have a vote. They have a lot more interest in the politics and organisation of the country they live in, and it would be unfortunate and wrong, after having chosen not to live in the UK, if their votes affected the outcome of the General Election.

2. Overseas territories shouldn’t be represented in the UK parliament. By and large, these territories are self-governing with only limited day-to-day intervention from Westminster.

On a related theme, everyone who lives in Britain should have the right to vote in local-authority elections. It can’t be right that foreigners who have to pay Council Tax don’t have a right to vote for councillors.


One Response to “Beyond these shores”

  1. re point 1 expats : Yes, it’s true we have “more interest in the politics and organisation of the country” we live in, but then everyone would have to agree on that otherwise where *do* we vote?
    On the other hand if I am a British citizen then I should still be allowed to vote.

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