Campaign review: week 1

In News on April 12, 2010 by dadge

My overall impression of the first week was that Labour did pretty well. I think they’re buoyed by the fact that the Tories aren’t the shoo-in that many people had been expecting. Gordon Brown hardly seems on the defensive, although he’s hindered by a rather lacklustre supporting team, among whom only the likes of Peter Mandelson and John Prescott pack much of a punch.

The Tories came up with some intriguing proposals, but even if they are serious policies from the manifesto, David Cameron gives the unfortunate impression that he’s coming up with these ideas the night before, sleeping on them, and then making pronouncements about them in a rather royal way. The one about limiting bosses’ salaries to twenty times their lowest paid workers’ salaries was particualrly daft: I’m as angry about wage inflation as the next impoverished graduate, but Cameron’s proposal is surely utterly unworkable.

The thing that bugged me this week was the “business as usual” attitude of the broadcasters, especially the BBC, who are largely behaving as though we haven’t been through a great parliamentary scandal and the three main parties are as deserving of our respect as they ever were. (If they ever were.) Which day was it that I watched the Daily Politics and all the big-three politicians present performed atrociously? The subject was the deficit, taxes and spending, and none of them could give anything approaching a straight answer. Please, broadcasters, let us hear from the other parties and the independents. Labour, Tories and Lib Dems don’t deserve half of the oxygen you’re giving them.


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