All to play for…

In News on April 28, 2010 by dadge

This is ridiculously exciting. Looking at Rod’s graph  it seems that Clegg has given some of his bounce back to Cameron and Brown. Labour are in fact not far off the level they started the campaign at, and (on UNS) only need a small positive shove to get to being the largest party in terms of seats. So they have reason for optimism IF their candidates and workers understand that and resist the demotivating forces. Of course, thanks to local variations, their task may be more difficult than it appears, but we won’t know for certain till the results start coming in.

What can Labour do in the last week to improve their campaign? 1, their front bench needs to get out of the TV studios and onto the High Streets. It’s almost as though they’ve left John Prescott to his own devices to get the message out to the people in his Battlevan. 2, A couple of good poster launches to get the media to listen to their message. 3, In the spirit of “Stars in their Eyes”, Brown should BE Blair at the debate tomorrow (followed up with a touch of Major on his soapbox). Blair was a winner, so Brown has to think Blair and do a Blair. Attitude will win the debate, not tractor stats.

Meanwhile, the Tories. They have to ignore the “Haha, you’re at your 1997-2001-2005 level” comments. They are more popular than any other party and they have a good chance of being the next government, in whatever form that takes.

They do need to push under a metaphorical bus whoever came up with the “Big Society” and other guff (There I was thinking “The Thick of It” was just a comedy show, and Tory HQ are using it as their campaign guidelines…) and Cameron and the others should repeat the simple mantra that they aim to reduce taxes, reduce the deficit and maintain essential services. Of course they can’t PROMISE these things, at least not in the short term, but voters do still care about POLICY.


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