#boundrev round-up day 4

In redistricting on September 15, 2011 by dadge

There won’t be a round-up every day, but most days, especially once the hearings start, I’ll provide a summary of what’s been going on. To begin with, here’s some essential reading…

The English report
The Northern Irish report

Guardian #boundrev site
Democratic Audit’s #boundrev archive
The Tory perspective from Paul Goodman
Sebastian Payne on maps
Two articles by Gareth Knight at Dale & Co
And I’ve just rediscovered the Vote UK discussion forum

I popped into Perry Common library this morning to see what the Commission has sent them. Not exactly exciting, but it was good to pore over everything on paper rather than on a computer screen. I’ve written to the Commission to ask why they don’t provide maps of the current constituencies so that people can compare – wouldn’t that make sense?

(Quiz question for political anoraks: what major boundary passed by the site of this library? Bonus point: which were the last two constituencies to be either side of this boundary before it was abolished?)


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