Not the Isle of Wight

In Isle of Wight, redistricting, South East on October 2, 2011 by dadge

If the ridiculous decision hadn’t been taken to make the Isle of Wight a special case, the seats there would’ve looked something like this:

East Wight 77,430
Binstead and Fishbourne 2,778
Cowes Medina 3,117
Cowes North 2,606
Cowes South and Northwood 2,950
Cowes West and Gurnard 3,037
East Cowes 2,953
Nettlestone and Seaview 2,642
Ryde East 2,980
Ryde North East 2,791
Ryde North West 2,940
Ryde South 3,082
Ryde West 2,893
Whippingham and Osborne 3,085
Wootton Bridge 2,885
Havenstreet, Ashey and Haylands 2,798
Lake North 2,878
Lake South 2,917
Sandown North 2,420
Sandown South 3,023
Shanklin Central 2,845
Shanklin South 2,917
Arreton and Newchurch 3,053
Brading, St Helens and Bembridge 6,195
Ventnor East 2,474
Ventnor West 2,531
Godshill and Wroxall 2,640

West Wight and Lymington 78,119
Central Wight 2,857
Chale, Niton and Whitwell 2,345
Freshwater North 2,324
Freshwater South 2,427
Totland 2,510
West Wight 2,872
Newport Central 2,921
Newport East 2,397
Newport North 2,620
Newport South 2,683
Newport West 2,437
Parkhurst 2,456
Carisbrooke 2,645
Barton 4,886
Becton 4,181
Boldre and Sway 4,398
Buckland 2,679
Fernhill 4,920
Hordle 4,517
Lymington Town 4,917
Milford 4,366
Milton 5,023
Pennington 4,738

There is also the option, of course, of an East-Wight-and-Portsmouth-South solution, but I’m assuming that people prefer the New-Forest option.


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  1. […] not happy that the Isle of Wight will have two MPs, and I’ve worked out plans in the past for a seat that crosses the Solent, but the law’s the law, so here’s a two-seat plan for the county. It’s based on […]

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