The South West

In redistricting, South West on October 3, 2011 by dadge

The South West region has been awarded 53 seats.
area – electorate – theoretical entitlement
Cornwall & Scilly 418,865 5.47
Plymouth 182,688 2.38
Devon & Torbay 690,360 9.01
Dorset 575,449 7.51
Wiltshire 350,863 4.58
Swindon 152,937 2.00
Somerset 410,728 5.36
North Somerset 157,001 2.05
BNES 135,236 1.76
Bristol 304,473 3.97
South Gloucestershire 201,667 2.63
Gloucestershire 462,208 6.03
Total 4,042,475 52.75

As you can see, Devon & Torbay, Swindon, North Somerset, Bristol and Gloucestershire have entitlements that are close to a whole number so they can be dealt with on their own at this Review.

Looking at the areas that need to be paired, there are some choices. For example:
Dorset+Wiltshire and Somerset+BNES or
Dorset+Somerset and Wiltshire+BNES?

For historical reasons, and also with an eye to the future, since the question of pairings will arise at every Review, it seems logical to add Bath to the rest of Somerset.

And what about South Gloucestershire (SGlos)? Gloucestershire itself doesn’t need to be paired, and putting the two together doesn’t necessarily solve our problem, since the average seat size would be 73,764, making it difficult to engineer 9 seats all above 72,810. But I’ve had a go.

So the review areas are:
Cornwall + Plymouth 7.85 > 8 @ 75194
Devon 9.01 > 9 @ 76707
Dorset + Wiltshire 12.09 > 12 @ 77193
Swindon 2.00 > 2 @ 76468
Somerset + BNES 7.12 > 7 @ 77995
NoSo 2.05 > 2 @ 78500
Bristol 3.97 > 4 @ 76118
Glos + SGlos 8.66 9 @ 73764


One Response to “The South West”

  1. There are 2 logical sets of pairings. The BC have paired Dorset with Wiltshire and Somerset with the former Avon unitaries (while leaving Bristol and N Somerset on their own so it is really BANES and S Gloucs).

    An alternative would be to go the other way where you have a cross border Somerset Dorset seat . My view is that Dorset pairs more tidily with Somerset (bi county total 12.09). You do end up with untidiness on the Avon Wiltshire border scrambling ever deeper into Wilts The area total for Wilts/BANES/S Gloucs is 8.97 so your cross border seat would be 60% on the Wilts side. I haven’t yet found a satisfactory solution but am trying.

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