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  1. Have gone about it slightly differently. I start at it as someone who went to school in the Lavingtons. They clearly link to Devizes. So move the their and replace with the Ethandune ward from Trowbridge. ompensating changes would be Corsham into Trowbridge. This leaves Chippenham short. I would give it both the Calne Rural and Lyneham seats which do not look at all to Devizes. The final change is moving Summerham and Seend to Devizes from Trowbridge. I believe Seend looks to Devizes although know nothing of Summerham so that is either neutral or positive in terms of communities depending on Summerham’s POV.

    I note that Calne Rural could just as easily be called Chippenham Rural East. Thisis the nomansland between the 2 and my feeling is that Chippenham is the bigger attractor to the villages.

    Trowbridge Devizes Chippenham Warminster
    77067 76830 75419 78800
    Ethandune -3594 3594
    Lavington 4131 -4131
    Calne Rural -3465 3465
    Lyneham -3642 3642
    Corsham 2 7582 -7582
    Summerham/S -3526 3526

    77529 77380 74944 78263

    Devizes has always had the tendency to be Wilts leftovers seat. In the old days it went round Swindon to get electors. More recently it has had Calne and currently stretches across the Salisbury Plain southwards. Assuming it has to extend well beyond the old Kennet District which was much too small even under the old rules of those Calne links far better with Devizes than the other areas have done.

    Of the areas I have moved I would say that Corsham is the least linked with its suggested seat. However that is partly because it links to some extent with Chippenham, the links are probably stronger with Bath. And that is not an option. So it is really a little independent Marcher Barony which could be attached to various neighbouring realms!

  2. And sorry about the formatting it seems to have dumped all the tabs and spaces. The relevant electorates are clear though.

  3. Thanks – at least we agree that the Lavingtons shouldn’t be where the Commission has put them!

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