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Here’s an email I received today from the Boundary Commission. As you read, see if you can work out what it was that I’d asked them.

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for your continued interest. Your latest emails have been collected and pasted below purely to keep track of and respond to your latest questions to best effect.

We would encourage you now to make your representation, if that is your intention, via the website and look forward to that contribution. Meanwhile, to answer your latest questions and to recap:

The role of the BCE is to make recommendations for new constituency boundaries across the country.

The scale of the change is such that in presenting initial proposals our overriding concern is to optimise transparency and clarity. Only 77 constituencies remain unchanged and existing constituencies are only one of a number of factors BCE may take into account. BCE’s key objective following the opening of the consultation process is to support people’s involvement in that and, as such, producing regional and constituency maps ensures that an appropriate level of detail is made available to all.

BCE’s initial proposals of 13 September 2011 were accompanied by pdf maps, as you know. These are accurate – Apple Mac Illustrator files were updated when amendments were made but shapefiles were not updated in the final instance.

To view hard copies of the maps as well as the reports, please refer to the website to find your nearest ‘place of deposit’.

We hope that making full sets of maps and reports available online as well as in places of deposit will support as comprehensive a consultation process as possible.

Please also find our ‘Guide the the 2013 Review’ on the website which will answer any questions you may have relating to the next stages / final stage of the Review.

Please note that the ‘Publications’ page ( currently has a link to the archived site for the 5th Review (under ‘annual reports’); under the heading ‘Fifth Periodical Review’ there are links to the four volumes of the fifth review report which include map annexes (this is where you can access those maps).


BCE teamHow did you get on? Let’s see if you’re right! Here are the four questions (I’ve simplified them a bit) that that email was supposedly in reply to…

1. How much would it cost to have live streaming of the hearings?

2. The 2010 version of the Ordnance Survey’s Boundary Line mapping product (containing the ward data used in the Review) is no longer available. How can this matter be resolved?

3. Will new (2011) ward boundaries only be used in the 2018 review, or will there be a mini-review after this one so that constituency boundaries can be tweaked to follow the new ward boundaries?

4. Can you email me the shapefiles for the Commission’s initial proposals?
So, how did you get on?


2 Responses to “:-(”

  1. I make that one “No” and three “Sod off”s.

  2. 2. Have you asked Ordnance Survey? I’ve not had too many problem using a combination of, the ward data on the Boundary Commission website and photoshopping the Commission-supplied maps!

    3. I’m pretty sure the Guide or another document on their website makes it clear that they are using the electorates and ward boundaries that were in effect as of 1st December 2010 and will not be taking account of any changes between now and the election.

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