The East

In Eastern England, redistricting on October 21, 2011 by dadge

Eastern England gets 56 seats. As usual, I’ve tried not to make the reviews areas too big. None of the unitary authorities can be reviewed on their own, and most of the counties can’t either, so four seems to be as many areas as I can muster:

Bedfordshire 5.64 + Hertfordshire 10.59 = 16.23 > 16 seats @ 77,752

Essex 16.71 > 17 seats @ 75,326

Cambridgeshire 7.34 + Norfolk 8.50 = 15.84 > 16 seats @ 75,853

Suffolk 7.08 > 7 seats @ 77,499

For this region I’m currently using the Plan Builder. It’s not always easy to see when you’re creating a seat that includes orphan wards or wards from several authorities, but the 5% law is making it difficult to avoid those things anyway.

And I’m having a go without looking at the Commission’s proposals, so it should be interesting to compare afterwards…


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