Derbyshire version 0

In Derbyshire, East Midlands, redistricting on October 24, 2011 by dadge

I’m calling this version zero because it’s got no chance. A real problem with redistricting Derbyshire is Alfreton. It’d be good to keep the town in an Amber Valley seat, and it’s possible to arrange the north east okay if you do that, but the three seats are undersize, making it impossible to redistrict the rest of the county.

If you put all four Alfreton wards in the Bolsover seat, it’s hard to divide so many electors between three north-east seats. It is possible, as you can see, by having a novel north-south arrangement, but I know from the last review that dividing the north east that way isn’t considered acceptable.

Something else I think wouldn’t be countenanced is a North-Derby-and-the-Dales seat, but here it is for you to have a look at. 🙂

South Derbyshire 74,228
Derby West 80,934*
Derby East 72,557*
Erewash 79,716
High Peak 73,377
Allestree, Ashbourne & Matlock 78,399
Amber Valley 75,917
Chesterfield 77,425
Clay Cross 80,035
Dronfield & Shirebrook 79,604

*To get the Derby seats within limits, the Sinfin ward is split, with the two North Sinfin polling districts going into Derby East. The electorates then become:

Derby West 77,639
Derby East 75,852


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