In East Midlands, Nottinghamshire, redistricting on October 24, 2011 by dadge

Nottinghamshire’s theoretical entitlement (TE) is 10.30 seats, so it has 10 seats wholly in the county and one shared with another county (Leicestershire).

The city of Nottingham has a TE of 2.52, and I’ve split 15 wards between a North seat and a South seat, combined the two Clifton wards with Rushcliffe wards, and combined the three wards in the Wollaton/University area with Broxtowe wards.

This means a new arrangement in the Ashfield and Sherwood area. Although I don’t like creating orphan wards, adding the Ravenshead ward to the Ashfield seat improves the shapes and connections.

I don’t know why the Commission split Warsop – I’ve taken the whole of Warsop out of the Mansfield seat and put Clipstone in.

Clifton Bridgford 76,359
Melton & Bingham 77,684
Beeston 75,588
Nottingham N 75,360
Nottingham S 74,165
Gedling 74,203
Hucknall 74,118
Ashfield & Rufford 75,241
Mansfield 73,836
Newark & Meden 74,214
Bassetlaw 76,718


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