West Sussex

In redistricting, South East, Sussex on October 25, 2011 by dadge

This is a good one. Worthing has an electorate of 79,045, so can form a constituency by itself, so I wondered if there was a way to redistrict the county without splitting the town down the middle. It turns out that if the Bognor seat goes down as far as Selsey Bill you can make four neat seats for Bognor, Littlehampton/Arundel, Worthing and Lancing/Shoreham. Simples.

Chichester 73390 Chichester South 5184
    Chichester East 5875
    Chichester North 5064
    Chichester West 3805
    Fishbourne 1856
    Donnington 1793
    Bosham 3469
    Southbourne 5621
    Westbourne 1770
    Funtington 2163
    Boxgrove 1792
    Lavant 1758
    Harting 1671
    Stedham 1778
    Midhurst 4015
    Easebourne 1962
    Rogate 2020
    Fernhurst 3974
    Petworth 3869
    Plaistow 3802
    Wisborough Green 1999
    West Wittering 3985
    East Wittering 4165
Bognor 74570 Pagham and Rose Green 6076
    Aldwick West 4027
    Aldwick East 4165
    Pevensey 3681
    Marine 3414
    Orchard 3878
    Hotham 3621
    Felpham West 3975
    Bersted 6003
    Felpham East 3888
    Middleton-on-Sea 4174
    Selsey South 3542
    Selsey North 5153
    Sidlesham 1928
    North Mundham 1745
    Yapton 4257
    Barnham 6825
    Tangmere 1914
    Walberton 2304
Worthing 79045 Salvington 7134
    Heene 6035
    Central 6695
    Selden 6042
    Broadwater 6671
    Gaisford 6630
    Offington 6257
    Goring 6712
    Castle 6143
    Northbrook 3503
    Durrington 4394
    Tarring 6379
    Marine 6450
Arundel 72958 Beach 3771
    River 3519
    Brookfield 4386
    Wick with Toddington 4138
    Ham 3562
    Rustington West 6641
    East Preston with Kingston 5997
    Rustington East 4410
    Ferring 3975
    Angmering 5870
    Arundel 3497
    Findon 2115
    Chantry 7682
    Pulborough and Coldwatham 4991
    Chanctonbury 6593
    Bury 1811
Adur 78658 Widewater 4676
    Mash Barn 3304
    Peverel 3407
    Cokeham 3381
    Churchill 3436
    Manor 3156
    Marine 3512
    Eastbrook 3300
    Southwick Green 3514
    Southlands 2925
    St Mary’s 3253
    St Nicolas 3084
    Buckingham 3108
    Hillside 3340
    Hurstpierpoint and Downs 5669
    Bramber, Upper Beeding & Woodmancote 4277
    Henfield 4097
    Cowfold, Shermanbury & West Grinstead 4273
    Bolney 2121
    Hassocks 5775
    Steyning 5050
Mid Sussex 74923 Haywards Heath Lucastes 4123
    Haywards Heath Heath 3922
    Haywards Heath Ashenground 3937
    Haywards Heath Franklands 3473
    Lindfield 5388
    Haywards Heath Bentswood 3914
    High Weald 3888
    East Grinstead Herontye 3610
    East Grinstead Imberhorne 3330
    East Grinstead Baldwins 3811
    East Grinstead Town 3553
    East Grinstead Ashplats 4127
    Ashurst Wood 2058
    Cuckfield 3766
    Burgess Hill St Andrews 3423
    Burgess Hill Leylands 3670
    Burgess Hill Franklands 3857
    Burgess Hill Meeds 3440
    Burgess Hill Victoria 3946
    Burgess Hill Dunstall 3687
Horsham 73259 Holbrook East 4123
    Holbrook West 4369
    Roffey North 4825
    Roffey South 4804
    Rusper and Colgate 2002
    Ardingly and Balcombe 4184
    Nuthurst 2303
    Southwater 7556
    Forest 2945
    Horsham Park 5951
    Denne 4300
    Trafalgar 4717
    Broadbridge Heath 2344
    Itchingfield, Slinfold and Warnham 4275
    Rudgwick 2125
    Billingshurst and Shipley 7111
    Crawley Down and Turners Hill 5325
Crawley 75535 Langley Green 5343
    Pound Hill North 4790
    Northgate 3426
    Ifield 6313
    Gossops Green 3795
    Bewbush 5701
    Broadfield North 4005
    Broadfield South 3879
    Tilgate 4405
    Southgate 5734
    Furnace Green 4117
    West Green 3288
    Pound Hill South and Worth 6060
    Three Bridges 4787
    Maidenbower 6150
    Copthorne and Worth 3742

2 Responses to “West Sussex”

  1. This is exactly what’s wrong with your approach to this exercise: have you no regard to Rule 5 (1) (c) : “A Boundary Commission may take into account, if and to such extent as they think fit—boundaries of existing constituencies”. As West Sussex is geeting 8 seats, and currently has 8 seats, and as Worthing has been split since 1997, then this is pointless. West Sussex need something like three or four wards swapped to get the seats within the quota.

    I oughtn’t to care, but this ex cathedra announcing that you, the great Soho Warrior, have decreed West Sussex shall be like this, in complete deliberate ignorance of the rules, the Commission’s own initial proposals, and proposals made by the parties at public hearings you were probably at, gets on my wick. It’s not just some interesting parlour game, you know.

  2. Keep your hair on! I haven’t decreed anything, I’m just making suggestions. If you don’t like any of them I’ll happily refund your subscription fee.

    Anyway, the Commission has been given special dispensation at this Review to ignore current constituency boundaries, so it’s a good opportunity to put some ideas up the flagpole. The policy of minimum change (which is obviously supported by MP’s, since it’s in their interest) can lead over time to the pattern of seats in a county becoming deformed. At previous reviews, local people have sometimes expressed a preference for a more radical overhaul because they can see instinctively what the pattern should be.

    In areas like Sussex which I know very little, I’m only demonstrating how counter-proposals might look, in order to aid people who don’t have the tools to do so. It’s patently obvious from some of their recommendations that the staff at the Commission know very little about many parts of the country, so I make no apology for throwing my hat in the ring, and nor should anyone else.

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