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In boundary changes, East Midlands, Nottinghamshire on October 30, 2011 by dadge

Here are various proposals for you to compare with the current constituency map. I haven’t included the Tory plan because they back the Boundary Commission’s, and I haven’t included my map because it’s almost identical to the LibDems’.

Boundary Commission
Nottingham West 78,494
Nottingham South & West Bridgford 78,367
Nottingham East 73,445 – includes Carlton
Nottingham North & Hucknall 73,222
Broxtowe 73,643 – includes Gotham
Sherwood 75,220 – includes part of Arnold

Robert Howard
Nottingham SW & Beeston 79,482
Nottingham West & Broxtowe 78,643
Nottingham SE & Gedling South 79,850
Nottingham Central & Arnold 77,219
Rushcliffe 80,427

Nottingham West & Beeston 76,449
Nottingham North 75,782
Rushcliffe 73,430
Erewash Valley 73,055 – includes Stapleford, Toton and Kimberley
Nottingham East 73,743
Gedling 74,203
Sherwood 76,674 – includes Nuthall and Hucknall

Lib Dems
Nottingham Central 74,165
Nottingham North 75,360
Nottingham West & Beeston 73,584
Rushcliffe 74,780 – includes Clifton
Gedling 74,203
Hucknall 74,314 – includes Kimberley and Rainworth

What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments or by email. Or email the Boundary Commission.


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