Consultation week 8

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Hearings are under way today in Northampton, Crawley, Wandsworth and Colchester. I can’t see the Crawley one being very interesting, but there are still plenty of issues to discuss in London and Essex, and the main issue in Northamptonshire is which bit of the county to combine with a part of Leicestershire: Daventry, Corby or the east.

Here in Birmingham I’m looking forward to Thursday, when the West Midlands boundaries circus gets under way. A small hint of what’s in store from the Labour Party in this article from the Great Barr Observer:


Last night BBC Radio 4’s “The Westminster Hour” featured the boundary review. Mandy Baker went to the hearing in Leeds and produced a very interesting report about the politics of the Review. Some quotes:

Roger Pratt (Conservative strategist): “[Three seats in West Yorkshire] are some of the strangest constituencies I have seen from the Boundary Commission.”

Fabian Hamilton MP (Labour, Leeds NE): “The consensus has gone and I think that’s tragic.”

Greg Mulholland MP (LibDem, Leeds NW): “If the Boundary Commission are given daft rules you’re going to end up with some daft seats.”

Labour’s Greg Cook offered no counter-proposals because even though the Yorkshire proposals are plainly ridiculous, he thinks they will deliver Labour an extra MP. (The Tory party’s position vis-a-vis Nottinghamshire was essentially the same.) Hopefully, come the next election, local people will punish the main parties for this attitude.

(Notice that if the Commission are persuaded to restore the Elmet & Rothwell seat, which is one of the easiest changes they could make, the extra Labour seat that Greg is dreaming of will go up in a puff of smoke.)

Interesting to hear Greg Mulholland attacking his coalition partners for framing the law to give themselves a political advantage, and Fabian Hamilton attacking his own party for its short-sightedness.


A bit further east, a surprising report from Hedon, where the town council has decided not to get involved in the boundary consultation, despite the Commission’s intention to move the town into Hull East. Apparently the council decided the matter was “too political” to be involved in. Idiots.


One Response to “Consultation week 8”

  1. did Greg Mullholland vote against the proposals then ?

    As to Brum mate, it now appears we have this

    Labour proposals say Kingstanding into Perry Barr, Dromey proposes keep in Erdington but obviously agree to keep Sutton intact

    Tories saying surprise surprise keep as it is and Alden’s lot in Erdington rabid about that and saying impossible to do otherwise, we know differently

    But local New Hall Tories outraged at the plans and Mitchell saying basically nothing.

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