Unsplit Portsmouth!

In boundary changes, Hampshire, Portsmouth on November 2, 2011 by dadge

The City of Portsmouth has 2 constituencies: North and South.

A review of the constituencies is going on, and everyone’s been surprised to see that the Boundary Commission has decided to split Portsmouth into West and East constituencies:

What on earth is going on?

Under pressure from politicians, the Commission has decided that, rather than respect our cities and communities, it will, for its own convenience, and the convenience of the politicians, split our cities apart. This is not just happening in Portsmouth – several other cities are affected, including Birmingham, Nottingham and Southampton.

The ONLY reason this is being done to Portsmouth is that it’s the ONLY way they can find to divide the city between seats without splitting a ward. It’s like parliamentary democracy has become a computer game. To coin a phrase, there’s madness in the method…

What can we do about it?

We can tell the Commission and the politicians: “Split my ward, not my city! Let’s make democracy make sense.”

As people told the public enquiry in Portsmouth in October, all that needs to be done to let the people of Portsmouth have their constituencies and MPs back is to split one ward: Baffins. It’s not rocket science.

Act now!

Sign the petition

Email the Boundary Commission
Email the Chairman of the Commission

Email the Conservative Party
Email the Labour Party
Email the Liberal Democrats
Email your MP

Download, print and distribute the poster


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