South London

In boundary changes, London on November 9, 2011 by dadge

Working on the 25 constituencies of South London even I start to lose the will to live, which is why it’s the last part of England I’m publishing a plan for. I’d like it to be my piece de resistance but it’s not – it’s just so hard to do the area justice. I’ve shuffled and re-shuffled, I’ve split this ward and that ward… In the end, I made a few decisions:

1. Bromley is on its own, with 3 seats.

2. A bloc of Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Southwark gets 9 seats.

3. There are ways of keeping Eltham together, but in the end I’ve favoured a north-south split.

4. Croydon (3 seats), can almost be done on its own, with 1 split ward (Heathfield) and 1 ward removed (Waddon).

5. Wandsworth & Lambeth could make a very tight 5-seat bloc, but in the end it was easier to remove a ward and add a ward. There are various 2-split-ward solutions, but I’ve kept it to just one: Northcote.

There are of course ways to improve the map by splitting more wards, but in the end I decided to only split wards in the two boroughs where it’s hardest to avoid, namely Croydon and Wandsworth.

Erith & Crayford 79,889
Plumstead 74,047
Greenwich 73,500
Lewisham Deptford 76,234
Bexley & Sidcup 73,623
Orpington 80,115
Lee 75,125
Bromley & Chislehurst 77,196
Beckenham 73,517
Croydon Central 78,285*
Croydon South 80,282*
Croydon North 74,162
Mitcham 75,777
Camberwell & Peckham 78,605
Battersea & Vauxhall 80,361*
Streatham 79,978
Southwark & Bermondsey 77,186
Tooting 80,361*
Brixton 77,169
Dulwich & Forest Hill 73,560
Putney 80,364
Sutton & Cheam 79,860
Carshalton & Wallington 77,956
Kingston & Surbiton 75,384
Wimbledon & Malden 77,494


Download the spreadsheet


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