In Labour, Tories on August 24, 2012 by dadge

Over the last few years, public-spirited individuals have developed various interfaces to let us make use of open-access government data. is a great example, from the nice people at The good thing is that the sites have been independent and even-handed, and don’t subvert the data by omitting part of it.

There’s been a worrying development today with the launch of, a site that shows you where Tory MPs have been getting their money from. Only Tory MPs, mind. The data is available for all MPs, but the site hides the data for the other MPs. (For a while this morning, the pages for the other MPs were visible, but they were removed when the organisers realised their “mistake”.) This has been done in order to damage the Tory party’s chances at the next election, but the trades unions who are paying for the site need to have a good long look at themselves. 1. It’s unhelpful, confusing, misleading and dishonest. 2. It makes it look like Labour MPs have something to hide. 3. It will only be a week or two before the Tories get their anti-Labour version up and running.

So instead of one honest website, we’ll end up with two dishonest websites. Well done.


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