Saving Chester

In boundary changes, Cheshire, North West on December 17, 2012 by dadge

As far as I can see, if the Commission insist on using the temporary 2010 wards for redistricting Cheshire, there’s only one way of forming a seat that doesn’t split Chester and Ellesmere Port.

That’s to have the Broxton and Eddisbury wards with the Chester city wards. This is not ideal, since the Gowy (Tarvin) ward is between Chester and the Eddisbury (Tarporley) ward, but it’s a workable solution. The Gowy and Mickle Trafford wards then go into a Runcorn seat. Dividing Halton between its two towns of Runcorn and Widnes is as least as good an arrangement as the dividing of Halton between 4 seats under the Commission’s proposals. Weaver ward goes into a Northwich & Winsford seat.

Note that in order to create a seat of the required size, Ellesmere Port is paired with Neston and Heswall rather than with Bromborough and Eastham.

The Congleton and Crewe & Nantwich seats could stay as they are, with the Cholmondley ward in the Northwich & Winsford seat, but in order to make that seat more compact I suggest putting Middlewich into it, Cholmondley going into Crewe & Nantwich and Doddington being transferred from Crewe & Nantwich to the Congleton seat.

Finally, Warrington would now be divided between 3 seats, with the Great Sankey area in with Widnes and most of the town south of the Mersey in with Knutsford.


Revised electorates

Wirral 76,342

Ellesmere Port & Heswall 72,837

City of Chester 79,723

Runcorn 79,737

Widnes 80,283

Warrington North 80,168

Warrington South & Knutsford 80,242

Northwich 74,271

Macclesfield 80,265

Congleton 76,345

Crewe & Nantwich 77,337

Update: if the Commission were willing to do a Gloucestershire, the above pattern could be tweaked by moving wards between the Runcorn, Northwich (Eddisbury) and Chester seats to produce version 2, which would also remove the need to change the Crewe and Congleton seats, or even version 3, which is the most similar to the current constituencies, although it’d be a shame not to use such an opportunity to unite Northwich in one seat.

Both these version require the inclusion of the Kelsall and Ashton Hayes parishes – electorate (2008) 2,893 – in the Northwich (Eddisbury) seat. These parishes are in the north east corner of the Gowy ward (See star on map).


Version 2

cheshire 2

Revised electorates:

City of Chester 78,709

Runcorn 78,284

Eddisbury (Northwich) 77,755

Crewe & Nantwich 78,845

Congleton 73,820


Version 3

cheshire 3

Revised electorates:

City of Chester 80,135

Runcorn 77,768

Tatton (Warrington South & Knutsford) 79,967

Eddisbury (Northwich) 77,120

Congleton 73,820

Crewe & Nantwich 78,845


And finally, an attempt to put the Halton and Warrington seats back how they are, if that’s what you prefer…

The basic point is that a single ward-split, as well as allowing Chester and Ellesmere Port to be unsplit, gives plenty of choice about how to configure seats elsewhere in the county.

cheshire 4

Revised electorates:

Halton (Runcorn & Widnes) 79,618

Warrington North 77,975

Warrington South 80,257

Tatton 80,336


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  1. Really is broken record territory now, isn’t it? The process is over, and outside Gloucester they’re NOT SPLITTING WARDS.

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