Poll of polls

In News on April 20, 2015 by dadge

April 20: Con 34% Lab 33% LibDem 9% Ukip 13% Green 4.5% Others 6.5%

There was a slight uptick midweek for Labour, but it doesn’t seem to’ve lasted long.

Electoral calculus prediction: Con 278 Lab 280 LibDem 15 Ukip 0 Green 1 SNP 55 Plaid 3

Locus adjusted prediction: Con 293 Lab 265 LibDem 21 Ukip 1 Green 1 SNP 48 Plaid 3

Can anyone form a government from such a result? 323 seats are required. Con+LD+DUP gives 323. Lab+SNP+PC+SDLP gives 320. Interesting times…

Poll data


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