2018 Review: Oxfordshire

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Oxfordshire is entitled to 6 seats.

There are quite a number of ways of drawing the electoral map of this county, so it’s a good idea to make a few decisions first, for example:

  1. Oxford is too big for a single seat, so some wards need to go in another seat. Those wards should be north Oxford wards, as now. They need not continue to be in the Abingdon seat, but they should be in a seat with a town that’s relatively close.
  2. The Vale of White Horse should be kept as intact as possible.
  3. West Oxfordshire district (the Witney constituency) is just the right size for 1 seat, so should be kept in one piece if possible.

What happens to the county depends largely on what form the Banbury constituency takes. A Banbury-Bicester seat (A) is an awkward shape, and excludes most of the area around Bicester. A Banbury-Kidlington seat (B) would solve that problem, but Kidlington would probably go better with north Oxford. A Banbury-Chipping Norton seat (C) would mean the splitting of West Oxon, and would lead to either the splitting of the Vale of White Horse or a Witney-Oxford seat. Witney-Oxford is an okayish idea, but a bit novel for some tastes.

Banbury 78250
Witney 78455
Oxford 77269
Isis 77337
Henley 74711
Vale of White Horse 75312

Banbury 74826
Witney 78455
Oxford 76002
Vale of White Horse 78129*
Henley 77261*
East Oxfordshire 76661
*Steventon (PD SPC, 1221 voters) to be transferred to the Henley seat

Banbury 77739
Witney & Oxford North 76493
Bicester & Thame 75959
Oxford 76194
Vale of White Horse 76976
Henley 77973


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