2018 Review: Surrey

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At the end of the “zombie Review” the Boundary Commission came up with a clever idea: in order to disrupt the seats in NW Surrey as little as possible, simply add Colnbrook and Poyle to the Spelthorne seat. Trouble is, Colnbrook and Poyle are two villages in Berkshire, part of Slough borough, and it was unheard of to take a single ward from one county and add it to another to make the numbers up. Not surprisingly, this provoked some local discussion.

Move forward 5 years and the same option arises. I’m not as set against it as I was then, but I still prefer all the seats in a county to all be in the county, wherever possible. So I’ve divided Spelthorne, Runnymede and Elmbridge up as reasonably as I think I can, without breaking communities up, although I’ve had to separate Hersham from Walton.

Elsewhere in the county I’ve tried to address certain failings of the current arrangements. The Guildford seat will only include wards from Guildford borough. Banstead, currently divided between seats, will form part of a new seat. These two changes mean there will also be new Reigate and Dorking seats that are considerably different from what went before.


Staines & Egham 71513
Crouch Oak 73927
Esher & Walton 74043
Surrey Heath 77585
Woking 74959
Guildford 77598
SW Surrey 74494
Dorking 74843
Epsom 73722
Banstead & Caterham 71245
Reigate & Godstone 72595


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