2018 Review: Staffordshire

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At the 2013 Review I was part of an ad hoc Team Newcastle, that persuaded the Boundary Commission not to split that fine Staffordshire town between seats. I’m sure the Commission will learn from its mistake, but the Kidsgrove Question remains: should that town be in a Newcastle seat or a Stoke seat? My decision is based on the knock-on effects through the rest of the Potteries.

Newcastle-under-Lyme 71622
Burslem, Tunstall & Kidsgrove 75725
Hanley 71730
Longton & Stone 73842

Advantages: Newcastle and hinterland in one seat. Reasonable inter-Stoke boundaries.
Disadvantages: Two seats crossing Stoke boundary.

Newcastle & Kidsgrove 73174
Hanley, Burslem & Tunstall 73835
Stoke Hulme 72866
Pirehill 73044

Advantages: Two seats wholly in Stoke. Less of Stoke in Stone seat.
Disadvantages: Newcastle separated from hinterland. Longton divided between seats.

Elsewhere there’s not much to consider except whether to put Hixon in Lichfield. It’s not strictly necessary but it does improve the pattern of constituencies.


Staffordshire Moorlands 78211
Burton 72542
Stafford 74779
South Staffs 75323
Cannock Chase 73470
Lichfield 74778
Tamworth 73305

Staffordshire in 1899


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