2018 Review: Warwickshire

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This area includes the following authorities:
Warwickshire 5.37
Coventry 2.81
Solihull 2.06
i.e. 10 seats in total.

The Meriden seat is slightly too big so needs to lose Catherine-de-Barnes (568 voters) to the Solihull seat. That gives electorates for the two seats of:
Solihull 75689*
Meriden 78184*

For the first time, part of Coventry will have to form a seat with an area outside the city. One possibility would be NW Coventry, but northern Warwickshire is quite constricted and such an arrangement would make a mess of the seats around Nuneaton. The other possibility is the south of the city with Kenilworth, and this works very well. I’d prefer to do this without putting the Radford Semele ward in the Rugby seat, but if you don’t do that, you have to put the Stoneleigh ward in the Coventry/Kenilworth seat, making it too big. That might’ve been solved by splitting the Cheylesmore ward, with the Whitley part being added to Coventry East, but unfortunately the Whitley part doesn’t have quite enough electors.


North Warwickshire 74124
Nuneaton 76385
Rugby 76575
Stratford 78370
Warwick 77569
Coventry S & Kenilworth 77275
Coventry NW 77745
Coventry E 73304



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