2018 Review: Berkshire

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Berkshire is entitled to 8 seats. The shape of the county, and the random settlement pattern, make it tricky to redistrict.

The plan below unites the south and east parts of the Reading urban area, which is currently split between four seats, into a single seat. You can’t travel from one end to the new Windsor-Ascot-Sandhurst seat without leaving the seat, but that doesn’t really matter; the towns aren’t very far apart and getting between them isn’t difficult. The new Bracknell & Wokingham seat includes the Farleywood polling district (BB/BC), 1631 voters.


Newbury 72026
Burghfield 74168
Reading West 72986
Reading East 71281
Bracknell & Wokingham 74587*
Maidenhead 71274*
South East Berkshire 72142
Slough 76668


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