2018 Review: Nottinghamshire

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Entitlement: 10.29 seats, i.e. 10 seats with an average electorate of 76902.

The main question is what to do with Nottingham, which is entitled to about two and a half seats. At the zombie Review the BCE made a pig’s ear of Nottingham (see below); redistricting the city is difficult, but there are many possible solutions that are better than what they came up with. (Someone at the Commission must have something against the town of Arnold.)


Since half a seat’s worth of voters (about 38,000 voters) are needed to be added to Nottingham, I calculated the electorates of the towns on the edge of the city, and the two that come closest are Beeston (37284) and Carlton (38877). So here’s a plan for each:

  1. Nottingham with Carlton


Rushcliffe 78130
Broxtowe 76808
Nottingham W 75131
Nottingham E & Carlton 77289
Nottingham N 77661
Hucknall & Arnold 76448
Ashfield & Rufford 76628
Mansfield 74066
Newark 78501
Bassetlaw 78359

2. Nottingham with Beeston


Rushcliffe 78130
Nottingham SW & Beeston 77231
Nottingham E 75659
Nottingham N 75598
Broxtowe 74738
Gedling 78326
Ashfield & Rufford 78413
Mansfield 74066
Newark 78501
Bassetlaw 78359

In both plans, it’s better if Strelley (324 voters) is in the Broxtowe seat.

Nottinghamshire in 1927


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