Brexit is illogical

In News on July 2, 2016 by dadge

It dawned on me on Sunday that parliament ought to exercise its democratic right (nay, duty) to veto Brexit if it knows, believes or decides that Brexit is not in the country’s interest. And the number of voices making this brave stand is gradually increasing (I find myself in the company of Tam Dalyell, AC Grayling and June Sarpong!), despite the donning of the empress’s new clothes by Theresa May.

What dawned on me today is that Brexit is in fact a logical impossibility. Given that people are changing their minds all the time, during the next few years, as Brexit plays out, most people will often be against it. Apparently that’s even true right now already. We’ll be trying to turn the ship around when people want us to carry straight on. One by one, people will wake up to real problems that Brexit is and will cause them, and they won’t be happy. By the time we come to sever the final ties, people will be staggered that we ever embarked on such a harebrain scheme. This is not to say that it’s necessarily bad not to be a member of the EU. What is crazy is to leave after 40 years of membership. It’s nice to daydream about being on the outside again, but not all dreams are worth the cost of fulfilling them.

Hopefully it should be apparent from the foregoing that Brexit will never be achieved. Unless we have a Ukip government, which is impossible, at no point in the next few years will the collective will be strong enough to pull it off. The people who are dragging us through it will become less and less popular until we reach a situation where even a Tory government will throw its hands up and admit that Little England is not a desirable or achievable aspiration.

That leaves me with two hopes. Firstly, that our rational selves win out over our emotional selves before too much damage is done. Secondly, that that damage is not Scottish independence.


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