2018 Review: Birmingham & Sandwell

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Birmingham 9.19
Sandwell 2.88
Total: 12.07 —-> 12 seats

Birmingham and Sandwell can be reviewed separately or together. If together, it requires one Birmingham ward to be in a Sandwell seat, and the best choice, in my opinion, is Quinton.

bham sandwell plan

Sutton Coldfield 73172
Erdington 75068*
Perry Barr 72624* includes CVE CVG CVJ
Saltley 75186* includes DCJ
Yardley 77408*
Hall Green 77987* includes CAA CAE CAF DCI
Kings Norton 73253* includes CSD CSE CSF
Northfield 71518* includes CNI
Edgbaston 74178
Warley 77756
Tipton & Rowley Regis 76312* includes GGG WSA WSB
West Bromwich & Wednesbury 77826*

(updated 13/9/16 with official polling district electorates)


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