2018 Review: Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wakefield

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Doncaster 2.83
Rotherham 2.57
Barnsley 2.24
Wakefield 3.17
Total: 10.81 —-> 11 seats

One Wakefield ward needs to be transferred out of the borough, as it were. None of the West Yorkshire boroughs needs a ward, whilst Doncaster does need an extra ward, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer to link the two boroughs. It does leave the problem of creating three seats in Wakefield borough, in particular whether Hemsworth should include South Wakefield or Horbury and part of Ossett. On balance I prefer the former option, even though it means splitting the Pontefract South ward, with Darrington & East Hardwick (PDs 13NF/NG, 1304 voters) in Hemsworth.

In Doncaster borough, I’ve collected together the eight wards which seem most Doncastery into the Doncaster seat, and the other two seats then fall into place.

The average seat size in Rotherham and Barnsley is quite low, but it is possible to make sensible seats without ward splits. The addition of Wombwell to Wentworth looks odd, but there is continuous development with Brampton and Wath.

I wonder whether the Rother Valley name is appropriate; I did consider “Kiveton Park” or “Morthen” instead.


Wakefield 76795
Pontefract 76793*
Hemsworth 71350*
Bentley & Thorne 73119
Doncaster 77893
Mexborough 72616
Rother Valley 73027
Rotherham 71420
Wentworth & Dearne 71483
Barnsley South 72428
Barnsley North 71295


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