2018 Review: Tees & Wear

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Durham 5.05
Sunderland 2.75
Darlington 1.00
Hartlepool 0.91
Stockton 1.84
Middlesbrough 1.21
Redcar 1.34
Total: 14.11 —-> 14 seats

County Durham could be dealt with on its own if it wasn’t for Cleveland, whose boroughs have 5.3 seats between them. Billingham works well as the 0.3 of a seat, and can be put together with the Sedgefield/Aycliffe area. The loss of a couple of seats in this region means the loss of Easington, which is split between Durham and Sunderland. I’d prefer to rearrange the Sunderland seats to create a Washington & Houghton seat, but such a seat would be slightly oversize (and therefore require a split ward) so I’ve left it out of this plan.

Redcar 72951
Middlesbrough & Eston 76979
Thornaby 73457
Stockton 75818
Darlington 74929
Sedgefield & Billingham 76495
Hartlepool 77215
Auckland 75434
North West Durham 74536
Durham & Peterlee 71946
North Durham 77212
Houghton & Seaham 73899
Washington & Sunderland North 75770
Sunderland Central 78115


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