2018 Review: Leeds & Bradford

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Leeds 6.89 seats
Bradford 4.37
Total 11.26 —-> 11 seats

Because Bradford borough is too big for 4 seats, it makes sense to add its Ilkley and Wharfedale wards to a Leeds seat. This allows for a reasonable redistribution in Leeds with only 2 split wards. Calverley (polling districts CFA & CFB, 4048 voters) is in the Aire/Wharfe seat, and Holbeck (polling districts BHA BHB BHH BHJ, 2811 voters) is in the Central seat.

In Bradford, Bingley needs to be in the Keighley seat with a couple of the Bingley villages. I think Cottingley belongs with Bingley, so I’ve included Denholme and Wilsden (polling districts 3E 3F 3G 3H, 5939 voters) in the Shipley seat. The border between the Shipley and South seats goes along the Middle Brook, crossing the Clayton & Fairweather Green ward. Clayton (polling districts 8D 8E 8F 8G, 5639 voters) is in the South seat.


Aire and Wharfe 76319*

Leeds West (Pudsey) 77763*
Leeds South (Morley) 78112*
Leeds Central 73168*
Leeds East 76213
Leeds North 77231
Elmet & Rothwell 77287

Keighley 77134*
Bradford North West (Shipley) 75308*
Bradford South 77649*
Bradford East 75903

leeds bradford plan


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