2018 Review: Sheffield

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Entitlement: 5.10 —> 5 seats

Sheffield is difficult even if we allow ourselves to split as many wards as we like. (And the argument that we should respect ward boundaries doesn’t hold here – the boundaries that the Commission is using are not even current.) I like the idea of an Ecclesfield (North) seat, but I’d prefer to adjust the electorate by removing Grenoside, and possibly Birley too, but the numbers just don’t work. Another option would be to use the old Sheffield boundary (the Hartley Brook) – making an Ecclesfield-Stocksbridge seat – but the numbers don’t work for that either. So I’ve had to fall back on the less good solution of adding Wincobank (polling districts VD VE VF VG, 6178 voters) to the East seat.

Another split ward is required on the opposite side of the city, and I think it’s better to actually split two wards, adding the Endcliffe (NB NC 3595) and Port Mahon (ZF ZG ZI 4399) areas to South West, to create a good boundary.


South 78448
South West 76096*
North West 77763*
North 76040*
East 73083*


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