2018 Review: Middlesex

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North West London is another challenging area for redistricting. It’s possible to divide it between:

Ealing 2.79
Brent 2.44
Barnet 2.79
Total: 8.02 —> 8 seats


Hammersmith 1.41
Hounslow 2.13
Hillingdon 2.46
Total: 6.00 —> 6 seats

but Harrow (2.15) is left over, with a pesky ward to give away and fit in somewhere.

nw london

This problem can be partly solved by adding a Barnet ward (e.g. East Finchley) to Haringey, but that’s not very fair on Finchley, and it doesn’t fully solve the redistricting problem because the ward sizes across the area make it difficult to construct average-sized seats.

What I’ve tried to avoid is splitting communities between seats. I’ve identified several communities, e.g. Southall, Hayes, Ruislip, Willesden, etc. and which wards they’re comprised of, and rejected plans that split these communities between seats. There are a couple of exceptions, for example Ealing Town, which pretty much has to be divvied up.

Then there’s the question of what can go with what. I’ve avoided a Wembley & White City seat and a Brentford & White City seat because neither makes much geographical sense. This leaves Acton & White City as the only sensible option, and it also means abandoning adherence to the two groupings listed above.

A less settled question, I think, concerns Heathrow. Although at the Fifth Review the Commission came down firmly against a cross-airport seat, the zombie review proposed one, and I think a good case can be made for having one.

Version A


Barnet 72480
Edgware & Kingsbury 78075
Finchley 75790
Wembley 77790*
Willesden 77742* (includes PDs CWH4/5/6 & CST2 3992 voters)
Ealing Greenford 75692* (includes Walpole PD VE 2717 voters)
Brentford 78425*
Hammersmith & Fulham 77725
Acton & White City 72275
Feltham & Hounslow 72678
Southall & Heston 78143
Uxbridge 71535
Hayes & Northolt 72071
Ruislip 74803
Harrow 77028
Stanmore 77387

Version B


Barnet 72480
Edgware & Kingsbury 78075
Finchley 75790
Wembley 77022*
Willesden 76965* (includes Welsh Harp PDs CWH 4/5//6 3215 voters)
Greenford & Sudbury 73429
Hammersmith & Fulham 77725
Acton & White City 72275
Brentford-Ealing 76586* (includes Osterley ward PD O 2370 voters)
Heston & Hounslow 77984*
Southall & Hanwell 73967
Uxbridge & Hayes 77294
Feltham & West Drayton 73782
Ruislip-Northwood 72471
Harrow West 76393
Harrow East 77401

Middlesex in 1941


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