Electoral Commssion statement on election expenses investigation

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In the run-up to UK Parliamentary general elections, there are separate rules governing spending and donations for candidates and political parties.

The Commission is responsible for regulating the rules on funding and spending that apply to political parties. We have opened an investigation into allegations regarding the Conservative Party’s national spending returns at the 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election (UKPGE) and the 2014 European Parliamentary Election (EPE). Our investigation is focusing on whether the returns are complete and accurate, including in relation to any expenses associated with the ‘battle bus’ that may have been reportable in the return.

Once we conclude our investigation, we will publish the outcome on our website.

Following the conclusion of any investigation where we are satisfied that an offence or contravention has occurred we will consider whether to impose a sanction.  You can read about what sanctions are available to the Electoral Commission in our Enforcement Policy on our website.

The rules around candidate spending and any potential criminal offences are matters for the police to investigate under the Representation of the People Act (RPA) 1983. The Commission has no powers to investigate or sanction candidate spending offences under the RPA . For information about investigations into allegations of offences relating to the candidate rules at UK Parliamentary general elections or by-elections, I recommend that you contact the relevant police force in the area the election took place.

Joshua Lynch


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