2018 Review: Scotland

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Scotland is a different proposition from England and Wales. The Scottish boundary commission have a very different attitude from their southern counterparts. They prioritise respect for local-authority boundaries, and to that end they split as many wards as necessary. To begin with they split their task up into groups of council areas, and I have done so as follows:

Highland, Argyll, Moray: 4:08 > 4 seats
Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee: 5.07 > 5 seats
Aberdeen: 1.99 > 2 seats
Perth, Fife: 4.98 > 5 seats
Stirling, Clackmannan, Falkirk, North & South Lanark, West Lothian: 11.12 > 11 seats
West & East Dunbartonshire: 1.98 > 2 seats
Glasgow: 5.92 > 6 seats
North, East & South Ayrshire, Inverclyde, Renfrew & East Renfrew: 6.98 > 7 seats
Edinburgh, Midlothian, Borders, Dumfries & Galloway: 7.86 > 8 seats
East Lothian: 1.01 > 1 seat

There’s a slight imbalance between the groupings, especially a one-ward imbalance between the Central and Edinburgh areas, but the boundaries between the areas can be crossed if necessary. The same goes for Glasgow, which could take in a ward from outside the city, possibly Stathkelvin or Giffnock, but it’s good to avoid this if possible.

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There is an alternative arrangement in the south of Scotland as follows:
Stirling, Clackmannan, Falkirk, North & South Lanark, Renfrew & East Renfrew: 11.95 > 12 seats
Dumfries & Galloway, North, East & South Ayrshire, Inverclyde: 5.95 > 6 seats
Edinburgh, Mid & West Lothian, Borders: 8.06 > 8 seats
This has a better balance of electorates but I’ve found it more difficult as a basis for creating good constituencies, so for the tme being I’m sticking with the first set of groupings above.


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