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East Midlands – Labour counterproposals

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I’ve done my best to construct a map based on the notes I took on Thursday, but it’s possible there may be mistakes, so don’t take this as gospel. I haven’t included Lincolnshire or Northamptonshire because Labour accepts the Commission’s proposals for those two counties in full.

Most of the plan is quite reasonable, but it’s too radical, so I think we have to write it off as an academic exercise. I assume the arrangements for Derby amount to some sort of gerrymander (on Thursday a Labour councillor spoke about “keeping similar kinds of wards together” which set alarm bells ringing) but others will be better placed than me to check on that.

Constituency Electorate
Ashby & Swadlincote 76740
Rutland & Melton 75499
Nottm W & Beeston 76449
Ilkeston 73939
Ashfield 77049
Mansfield 79849
High Peak 73691
Derbyshire Dales & Dronfield 79430
Chesterfield 76386
Bolsover & NE Derbys 76305
Alfreton & Shirebrook 73831
Derby W & Belper 80250
Nottingham N 75782
Rushcliffe 73430
Erewash Valley 73055
Derby S 77324
Nottingham E 73743
Derby N 76277
Gedling 74203
Sherwood 76674
Newark 74178
Bassetlaw 76535
Coalville & Bosworth 79982
Leicester W 78088
Leicester E 74377
Harborough 80260
Loughborough 75847
Leicester S 78433
Hinckley & Blaby 79242
Charnwood 78555

Proposals spreadsheet

Larger scale maps: north  south




Leicestershire version 2

In East Midlands,Leicestershire,redistricting on October 24, 2011 by dadge

Probably the best plan.

Blaby 78,871 – inc. Oadby and Wigston
Harborough 73,276 – inc. Lutterworth
NW Leics 76,690 – inc. Markfield
Loughborough 77,884
Hinckley 75,102
Charnwood 75,454 – inc. Kirby Muxloe
Leicester E 74,377
Leicester W 78,088 – inc. Braunstone
Leicester S 78,433


Leicestershire version 3

In East Midlands,Leicestershire,redistricting on October 24, 2011 by dadge

Strangely enough, allowing Loughborough to include Kegworth allows the current Harborough seat to remain as it is (i.e. including Oadby and Wigston). Although this plan doesn’t respect district boundaries, I think the pattern of seats is pretty good. I even like the one that stretches from Quorn to the edge of Corby.

Ashby 76,270 – inc. Bosworth and Markfield
Loughborough 73,073 – inc. Castle Donington
Hinckley & Lutterworth 79,360
Blaby 74,947
Harborough 78,753
Billesdon & Soar 79,718
Leicester S 78,433
Leicester W 73,244 – inc. Glenfield
Leicester E 74,377


Leicestershire version 1

In East Midlands,Leicestershire,redistricting on October 24, 2011 by dadge

Leicestershire (including Leicester but not including Rutland) has a theoretical entitlement (TE) to 9.48 seats. It forms a review area with Nottinghamshire, and for the time being I’m working on the basis that Melton district (TE 0.50) will form part of a cross-border seat.

Now the fun starts. Arranging 9 equal-electorate seats in the county is a frustrating task. Here are some of the issues:

1. Leicester has a TE of 2.85. Which suburb should be added to the Leicester West constituency? Candidates: Braunstone 12,656 (TE 0.17), Birstall 9,872 (TE 0.13), Glenfield 7,812 (TE 0.10).

2. Should Shepshed be in the Loughborough or the NW Leics seat?

3. The combined TE of NW Leics and Hinckley & Bosworth is 2.03. Can they form a bloc?

4. Blaby district has an electorate of 73,026. Can it form a single seat “as is”?

5. Which neighbouring areas should the Harborough and Oadby & Wigston districts (TE 0.86 and 0.59 respectively) form a seat with?

Now here’s the rub: it doesn’t matter what answers you give to any of these questions, you’re lucky if you can construct any plan at all that doesn’t split towns, divide neighbouring villages, smash districts to pieces, or conjoin areas with nothing in common.

Well, you have to start somewhere and I start with Shepshed. This is my second attempt – this one has Shepshed in the Ashby seat.

Blaby 78,871 – inc. Oadby & Wigston
NW Leics 77,276 – inc. Shepshed
Loughborough 76,502
Markfield 74,441 – goes up to the Soar at Quorn and Birstall
Harborough 75,687 – inc. Thurmaston and Queniborough
Hinckley 74,500 – inc. Ibstock
Leicester S 78,433
Leicester W 78,088 – inc. Braunstone
Leicester E 74,377
(Melton 38,266)


Northants and Rutland

In East Midlands,Leicestershire,Northamptonshire,redistricting on October 24, 2011 by dadge

The combined entitlement is 6.98 seats, i.e. seven.

There are two ways of combining Rutland with Northants:

1. with Corby

Rutland & Corby 74,025
Kettering 76,442
Wellingborough 78,401
Daventry 78,381
Northampton N 74,742
Northampton S 74,322
Towcester 78,752

2. with East Northamptonshire

Rutland & Rockingham 77,881
Kettering & Corby 78,391
Wellingborough 75,954
Daventry 78,446
Northampton N 74,742
Northampton S 74,322
Towcester 75,329