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Conservative counterproposals – North West England

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Although the Tories’ ideas are, on the whole, a bit better than both the Commission’s and Labour’s, it’s still disappointing that they’ve endorsed the Commission’s methodology. I suppose it’s difficult for the governing party to discredit in any way a supra-governmental (or is it extra-governmental?) body, but on the other hand they are the people who are best placed to do something about the incompetence of the Commission.

Endorsing the Commission’s methodology brings them into direct conflict not only with common sense, but also with their local organisations and MPs. At the Chester hearings, MPs and party members lined up to criticise their own party’s counterproposals regarding Poynton, Henbury, Ellesmere Port, and Chester itself, inasmuch as those counterproposals endorse the Commission’s plans. Shame on their craven central office for hanging them out to dry! Why leave it to your individual MPs and councillors (as well as those few members of the public who understand the process) to suggest that the emperor is parading in the altogether?

Because of Cheshire’s unique position at this Review (a non-metropolitan county with wards of over 10,000 electors each) the counterproposal is bound to be a failure if it doesn’t split any wards. Without splitting wards, the obvious idea of moving the Groves, Weaver and Boughton Heath wards clockwise into the seats they really belong in is made impossible by the fact that it would give Chester an electorate of  80,769. The Guide to the Review does say that ward-splitting may be justified under exceptional circumstances and Cheshire has the most exceptional circumstances in England!


I had to laugh when, after reading this:

“We disagree with the principle of crossing the Mersey at a point with no transport links. The proposed Mersey Banks seat appears to be in conflict with the Commission’s own guidance, contained in the Guide to the 2013 Review, on detached parts. Our plan enables the Mersey Banks seat to extend eastwards
towards Runcorn rather than crossing the Mersey at a point with no links.”

…I noticed that their Warrington South seat has two unlinked parts! And their Tatton seat almost does as well, the only link between Runcorn and the rest of the seat being Newton Lane. It’s also difficult to see the link between Cliviger and Pendle, but the general pattern in East Lancs is good.

Their proposals make some headway on addressing the excessive border- and town-splititng of the Commisssion’s proposals, but they leave some new problems: Reddish, Chadderton, Royton, Clayton and Bredbury are all split, and arrangements in North Manchester are not ideal.



Labour counterproposals – North West England

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After another eye-straining session with MS Paint, I’ve done maps of Labour’s proposals for constituencies in Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire:

There are a few minor innaccuracies in their report (e.g. I’ve already found a couple of electorates that are wrong) but this their list as they presented it:

Bootle & Kirkdale 74046
Knowsley* 79334
Liverpool Riverside 76061
Liverpool Walton & Edge Hill 78563
Liverpool West Derby 74732
Sefton Central 77093
Southport** 77555
St Helens North* 75688
St Helens South & Whiston* 78612
Wavertree & Halewood 79659
Birkenhead 74605
Wallasey & Hoylake 76171
Wirral South 77735
North West Cheshire 75507
Congleton* 73820
Crewe & Nantwich* 78845
Ellesmere Port & West Runcorn 76208
Macclesfield 78711
Mid Cheshire 73971
North Cheshire 74092
South West Cheshire 73436
Warrington North 74877
Widnes & Warrington West 80283
Altrincham & Sale West 74199
Cheadle & Poynton 74618
Hazel Grove & Bollington 73260
Ashton-under-Lyne 73668
Blackley & Broughton 79909
Bolton South** 78550
Bolton West 80265
Bury Central & Heywood 74646
Denton & Reddish 74223
Leigh* 77001
Makerfield* 74856
Manchester Central 78616
Manchester Gorton* 74681
Manchester Withington* 73656
Oldham East & Saddleworth 80433
Oldham West & Middleton 80295
Bury South* 75140
Rochdale* 77699
Salford & Eccles* 76863
Stalybridge & Hyde 80177
Stockport 72884
Stretford & Urmston** 77813
Wigan* 76779
Worsley & Eccles South* 73409
Wythenshawe & Sale East* 75602
Bolton North & Darwen 80132
Rossendale & Ramsbottom 78380
Blackburn 78049
Blackpool North & Fleetwood** 80400
Blackpool South** 80402
Burnley & Nelson 80105
Chorley** 79612
Clitheroe & Colne 79877
Fylde** 78304
Garstang & Carnforth 80344
Hyndburn & Padiham 79376
Morecambe & Lancaster 80278
Preston 79330
South Ribble 80058
West Lancashire 79205

Labour’s counterproposal is a curate’s egg: good in parts. As I was drawing the map, now and again I’d think “That’s a good idea”, but a minute later it’d be LOL OMG YCBS…

Labour’s mantra may be “minimum change”, and their proposals may indeed be less radical on average than the Commission’s, but it seems that beacsue they’ve been concentrating on getting certain areas the way they want them, some areas have been left to go hang. The mincing of Runcorn is a case in point, and their Middleton seat vies with the Commission’s as to which is more risible. I thought the idea of putting Cheshire’s northern boundary back to where it was before 1933 was quite sweet, until I noticed there’s a big hole in the seat where they’ve tacked Lymm onto Altrincham.

In the north of the region they’ve done a better job, but what’s with the two new seats of Preston-Central-with-random-bits-of-South-Ribble and Preston North & Morecambe Bay?

towns split between 2 seats: Formby**, West Kirby, Chester, Ellesmere Port**, Cheadle Hulme, Bredbury**, Middleton, Rochdale**, Eccles*, Preston**

towns split between 3 seats: Runcorn, Warrington, Sale, Oldham, Bolton, Bury

orphan wards: Heswall (Wirral)**, Beechwood (Halton), Cholmondeley (Crewe & Nantwich)*, Lymm (Warrington), Poynton (Macclesfield)**, Bollington & Disley (Macclesfield), Atherton (Wigan)*, Tottington (Bury), Chipping (Ribble Valley)

districts divided between 4 seats: Wirral**, Halton, Warrington, Stockport*

districts divided between 7 seats: Cheshire East

* same as current constituencies

** same as Boundary Commission proposals


North Lancashire

In Lancashire,North West,redistricting on October 11, 2011 by dadge

As you may have already worked out from my Mid Lancs counterproposal, I’ve taken Preston’s Fishwick ward out of Ribble Valley that for some reason the Commission dropped in there, and I’ve also taken the Ribble Valley wards out of Lancaster and given them to… Pendle. That leaves 5 districts: Preston, Fylde, Wyre, Blackpool, and Lancaster, with 6 seats between them.

I test ran Rick Seymour’s new SeatMaker* tool to play around with the wards in this area, which was good fun and helped a lot.

Putting Fishwick back into Preston means pushing Ingol ward out of the other side, which makes the Fylde seat too big, so Poulton goes to Lancaster, which requires a rejigging of the Fylde seat border. The dividing line between Blackpool South and North isn’t very satisfactory but it can only be improved by some ward-splitting.

The final matter to decide is whether to have a Lancaster-Morecambe seat (map 1) or a Morecambe & Lunesdale seat as now (map 2). The thing I don’t like about the first option (which I call the Eddisbury of the North) is that it’s a huge rural area with no centre and an unrelated urban area tacked on one side. So I go with Lancaster and Poulton.

*That’s my name for it, not his. 🙂

Anchorsholme 5,356
Bispham 5,199
Greenlands 5,457
Ingthorpe 5,277
Norbreck 5,221
Park 5,356
Bourne 5,125
Cleveleys Park 4,800
Jubilee 3,201
Mount 2,971
Norcross 2,932
Park 3,162
Pharos 3,893
Rossall 4,739
Staina 4,910
Victoria 4,874
Warren 4,600
Bloomfield 5,402
Brunswick 5,190
Claremont 5,688
Clifton 5,281
Hawes Side 5,516
Highfield 5,212
Layton 5,379
Marton 5,468
Squires Gate 5,189
Stanley 5,483
Talbot 5,352
Tyldesley 5,322
Victoria 5,265
Warbreck 5,254
Waterloo 5,401
FYLDE 78,633
Ansdell 3,594
Ashton 3,735
Central 3,516
Clifton 3,400
Fairhaven 3,584
Freckleton East 2,560
Freckleton West 2,330
Heyhouses 3,676
Kilnhouse 3,386
Kirkham North 3,231
Kirkham South 2,166
Medlar-with-Wesham 2,741
Newton and Treales 2,589
Park 4,284
Ribby-with-Wrea 1,188
St Johns 3,525
St Leonards 3,494
Staining and Weeton 2,369
Warton and Westby 3,934
Lea 4,756
Ingol 5,500
Preston Rural East 3,658
Preston Rural North 5,417
Bulk 4,993
Castle 5,394
Duke’s 2,286
Ellel 5,249
John O’Gaunt 5,808
Scotforth East 3,471
Scotforth West 5,196
University 3,842
Brock 1,934
Cabus 1,316
Calder 1,672
Catterall 2,033
Garstang 4,012
Great Eccleston 2,903
Hambleton and Stalmine-with-Staynall 3,460
Pilling 1,766
Preesall 4,666
Wyresdale 1,618
Breck 2,743
Hardhorn 2,927
High Cross 2,931
Tithebarn 3,199
Carleton 3,327
Elswick and Little Eccleston 1,282
Singleton and Greenhalgh 1,164
Bare 3,457
Bolton-le-Sands 3,503
Carnforth 3,556
Halton-with-Aughton 1,892
Harbour 4,742
Heysham Central 3,621
Heysham North 3,719
Heysham South 5,525
Kellet 1,748
Lower Lune Valley 3,651
Overton 1,973
Poulton 5,471
Silverdale 1,776
Skerton East 5,096
Skerton West 4,813
Slyne-with-Hest 3,553
Torrisholme 5,762
Upper Lune Valley 1,988
Warton 1,950
Westgate 5,109
PRESTON 77,763
Ashton 3,224
Brookfield 5,348
Cadley 3,730
College 2,796
Deepdale 3,839
Garrison 5,555
Greyfriars 5,276
Larches 5,499
Moor Park 3,499
Ribbleton 5,546
Riversway 4,169
St George’s 3,120
St Matthew’s 4,757
Sharoe Green 5,083
Town Centre 5,196
Tulketh 5,041
University 2,555
Fishwick 3,530


Mid Lancashire

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This review area covers the districts of Ribble Valley, Hyndburn, Rossendale, Burnley, Pendle, South Ribble, Chorley and West Lancashire.  The 8 districts are entitled to 7 seats between them, which means that unfortunately the seats don’t quite fit into district boundaries, with one exception: Chorley.

The geography of East Lancashire creates a phenomenon I call the Clitheroe Wheel. My proposal for the area is shown in map A. The hills behind Clitheroe all form part of a Pendle and Bowland seat. You can gradually “turn” the seats clockwise, so that in map B, Longridge is back in the Ribble Valley seat but this has had a knock-on effect round the wheel. If you turn the wheel further still, you arrive at what the Commission is proposing, with a Ribble Valley seat that includes all of the rural area and none of Hyndburn.

So, why am I proposing to turn the wheel so far to the left? Well, I think the main flaw in the Commission’s proposals is the splitting of Burnley, and putting Burnley back together means that Pendle has to be combined with Bowland. Also, the split-Burnley option is hard to reconcile with my proposal to pair Darwen with Ramsbottom (instead of the Commission’s proposal to pair Bacup with Rochdale).

Burnley also needs a couple of wards from somewhere – in map A it’s from Pendle (Brierfield) and in map B it’s from Rossendale (Bacup). Burnley and Bacup is a bit of a stretch, and would mean that Whitworth would need to be put in with Rochdale, with knock-on effects down through Oldham and Tameside.

Is Pendle-Bowland better than splitting Burnley? I think so, just about. Although it looks odd for Clitheroe to be separated from much of its hinterland, that’s the situation that existed up to 1974, when the Forest of Bowland was in Yorkshire.

Barrowford 4,092
Blacko and Higherford 1,476
Boulsworth 4,228
Bradley 4,390
Clover Hill 3,693
Foulridge 1,373
Higham and Pendleside 1,406
Horsfield 4,004
Marsden 2,577
Old Laund Booth 1,233
Southfield 3,929
Vivary Bridge 4,118
Walverden 2,672
Waterside 3,866
Whitefield 2,560
Coates 4,165
Craven 4,246
Earby 4,813
Alston and Hothersall 2,092
Chipping 1,109
Derby and Thornley 2,463
Dilworth 1,998
Ribchester 1,338
Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley 1,166
Bowland, Newton and Slaidburn 1,074
Chatburn 1,113
Gisburn, Rimington 1,135
Waddington and West Bradford 2,558
BURNLEY 78,141
Brunshaw 4,986
Cliviger with Worsthorne 4,383
Coal Clough with Deerplay 4,126
Gannow 4,381
Gawthorpe 4,751
Hapton with Park 4,727
Rosegrove with Lowerhouse 4,836
Rosehill with Burnley Wood 4,521
Trinity 3,968
Whittlefield with Ightenhill 4,846
Bank Hall 4,339
Briercliffe 4,595
Daneshouse with Stoneyholme 3,801
Lanehead 4,510
Queensgate 4,233
Brierfield 3,677
Reedley 4,217
Read and Simonstone 2,134
Sabden 1,110
Barnfield 3,360
Central 3,713
Huncoat 3,499
Milnshaw 3,506
Peel 3,182
Baxenden 3,288
Church 3,228
Spring Hill 3,553
Cribden 2,842
Eden 2,868
Goodshaw 3,218
Greenfield 4,510
Helmshore 4,686
Longholme 4,220
Worsley 4,436
Facit and Shawforth 2,888
Greensclough 4,544
Hareholme 4,205
Healey and Whitworth 2,966
Irwell 4,053
Stacksteads 2,837
Whitewell 4,419
Billington and Old Langho 2,374
Clayton-le-Dale with Ramsgreave 2,127
Edisford and Low Moor 2,269
Langho 1,924
Littlemoor 2,398
Mellor 2,242
Primrose 2,442
St Mary’s 2,328
Salthill 2,526
Whalley 2,927
Wilpshire 2,113
Wiswell and Pendleton 1,098
Bamber Bridge East 3,678
Bamber Bridge North 3,609
Bamber Bridge West 3,429
Coupe Green and Gregson Lane 2,869
Samlesbury and Walton 3,251
Walton-le-Dale 3,005
Altham 4,055
Clayton-le-Moors 3,688
Netherton 3,365
Overton 4,988
Immanuel 3,550
Rishton 5,143
St Andrew’s 3,408
St Oswald’s 5,145
Broad Oak 3,418
Charnock 2,805
Earnshaw Bridge 2,756
Farington East 2,302
Farington West 3,375
Golden Hill 3,598
Howick and Priory 3,157
Kingsfold 3,166
Leyland Central 2,793
Leyland St. Ambrose 3,671
Leyland St. Mary’s 2,911
Little Hoole and Much Hoole 3,302
Longton and Hutton West 4,635
Lostock Hall 3,005
Lowerhouse 3,046
Middleforth 2,837
Moss Side 2,808
New Longton and Hutton East 3,643
Seven Stars 2,857
Tardy Gate 2,856
Whitefield 2,879
Hesketh-with-Becconsall 3,155
North Meols 3,223
Tarleton 4,488
Ashurst 4,827
Aughton and Downholland 4,533
Aughton Park 3,179
Bickerstaffe 1,752
Birch Green 2,995
Burscough East 3,346
Burscough West 3,938
Derby 4,454
Digmoor 3,007
Halsall 1,743
Knowsley 4,420
Moorside 2,726
Newburgh 1,640
Parbold 3,131
Scarisbrick 3,030
Scott 4,527
Skelmersdale North 3,062
Skelmersdale South 5,006
Tanhouse 3,329
Up Holland 4,969
Wrightington 3,414
Rufford 1,689
CHORLEY 79,612
Adlington and Anderton 5,530
Astley and Buckshaw 3,275
Brindle and Hoghton 1,770
Chisnall 3,259
Chorley East 4,751
Chorley North East 4,833
Chorley North West 4,792
Chorley South East 4,793
Chorley South West 5,808
Clayton-le-Woods and Whittle-le-Woods 5,863
Clayton-le-Woods North 5,014
Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden 3,357
Coppull 4,762
Eccleston and Mawdesley 4,851
Euxton North 3,552
Euxton South 3,224
Heath Charnock and Rivington 1,777
Lostock 3,428
Pennine 1,725
Wheelton and Withnell 3,248