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When is an independent not an independent?

In police elections on November 18, 2012 by dadge

So, the people have spoken, and for the first time we have 41 Police Commissioners in England and Wales. Well, not many people have spoken, and some of those that did speak said some fairly unrepeatable things. This BBC clip is a fairly good summary of the whole sorry affair.

Considering the bias in the system in favour of party politicians, it was surprising and pleasing to see Independent candidates do so well. But one of the many questions that’s been raised in the post mortem on the elections is: How many of the Independents are true Independents? This was sparked by the revelation that Winston Roddick, the victor in North Wales, is a member of the Lib Dems. When I first heard this it sounded like Mr R had cheated, but in fact he was put in this position by his party, who decided not to field any candidates in Wales. So, in those circumstances, what was he to do? I suppose what he ought to have done is make his party affiliation a lot clearer in his literature. In his defence, it is clear from his CV that he isn’t really a politician, plus it’s very likely that some of the other “Independents” are members of political parties. But it still adds another worry to the endless list of faults with our democratic system.



Police & Crime Commissioner Elections: Don’t vote for a politician

In candidates,News,police elections on October 19, 2012 by dadge

These new elected representatives, who, despite their silly name, will not be commissioning crime, are replacing Police Authorities. (Replacing a large committee of nominees with a single elected official looks cheaper and more democratic but might be neither.) And it’s just a couple of weeks now till the elections.

Problems: turnout is expected to be low, and some candidates haven’t been able to stand because of silly rules. And there’s another problem: politicians. Too many politicians. Why is a politician a better candidate for this new job than any other person? Well, you might say, politics, in the good sense of the word (remember that?), is all about dealing with people and diplomacy and compromise and getting things done for people. Okay, fair enough, but party politics is about avoiding compromise and getting things done for your own people.

All this was brought to a head on Wednesday when, at PMQs, the MP for Manchester Central, Tony Lloyd, got up and announced that this was probably going to be his last ever question. By which he means that he thinks he’s a shoo-in for the Greater Manchester PCC  job. Whoa. Maybe, just maybe, the good folk of South East Lancashire would be better off with someone else in charge of their police?