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2018 Review: Bedfordshire

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The parts of Bedfordshire are entitled to the following numbers of seats:

Bedford 1.58
Central Beds 2.64
Luton 1.66

Total 5.88, rounded up to 6.

There are several options. First, regarding the northern half of the county, it’s possible to have a Bedford-Rural-and-Biggleswade seat (as now), (N1) with or (N2) without the Wilshamstead and Eastcotts wards which are in Bedford borough but could be included in the Mid Beds seat, and it’s also possible to have (N3) a Bedford Rural seat without Biggleswade, which would then form part of an East Beds seat.

Secondly, regarding Luton and South Beds, there are three possible seat combinations:

S1: Luton South; Luton North; Dunstable, Houghton & Leighton
S2: Luton South; Luton North & Dunstable; Houghton & Leighton
S3: Luton South; Luton North & Houghton; Dunstable & Leighton

It’s only really the third of these that allows the full range of options in the north of the county. The other two only work with the smaller of the two Bedford-Rural-and-Biggleswade seat options.

The burning question is which map do the people of Bedfordshire prefer?

N1: Biggleswade in North Beds
beds llh1

N3: Biggleswade in East Beds
beds llh2

S1: North Luton with villages
beds lls

S2: North Luton with Dunstable
beds lld

S3: North Luton with Houghton
beds llh

Edit: So here’s my current Bedfordshire plan…

beds plan annot.png

North Beds 77718
Bedford 73269
Mid Beds 71526
South West Beds 74132*
Luton North 71048* (includes Chalgrave 377 voters)
Luton South 71881