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2018 Review: Leicestershire & Rutland

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10 seats.


Leicester East 75755
Leicester South 72227
Leicester West 74743
Blaby 77560
Rutland & Melton 71416
Harborough 71203
Hinckley & Bosworth 73537
North West Leicestershire 71377
Loughborough 74069
Charnwood Forest 72736

Leicestershire in 1899



2018 Review: Northamptonshire

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I decided to do all the eastern counties: Leicestershire, Rutland, Northants, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk as a bloc because I wasn’t sure how they should be paired up. But the best solution is clearly (!) to pair Northants with Milton Keynes, which keeps things simpler elsewhere.


Milton Keynes South 71333
Milton Keynes North 71094
Towcester-Newport 71718
Daventry & Brackley 74372
Northampton South 71811
Northampton North 74319
Wellingborough 74126
Kettering & Corby 77349
Rockingham 77382

Northamptonshire in 1899


2018 Review: Nottinghamshire

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Entitlement: 10.29 seats, i.e. 10 seats with an average electorate of 76902.

The main question is what to do with Nottingham, which is entitled to about two and a half seats. At the zombie Review the BCE made a pig’s ear of Nottingham (see below); redistricting the city is difficult, but there are many possible solutions that are better than what they came up with. (Someone at the Commission must have something against the town of Arnold.)


Since half a seat’s worth of voters (about 38,000 voters) are needed to be added to Nottingham, I calculated the electorates of the towns on the edge of the city, and the two that come closest are Beeston (37284) and Carlton (38877). So here’s a plan for each:

  1. Nottingham with Carlton


Rushcliffe 78130
Broxtowe 76808
Nottingham W 75131
Nottingham E & Carlton 77289
Nottingham N 77661
Hucknall & Arnold 76448
Ashfield & Rufford 76628
Mansfield 74066
Newark 78501
Bassetlaw 78359

2. Nottingham with Beeston


Rushcliffe 78130
Nottingham SW & Beeston 77231
Nottingham E 75659
Nottingham N 75598
Broxtowe 74738
Gedling 78326
Ashfield & Rufford 78413
Mansfield 74066
Newark 78501
Bassetlaw 78359

In both plans, it’s better if Strelley (324 voters) is in the Broxtowe seat.

Nottinghamshire in 1927


2018 Review: Derbyshire

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Derbyshire is entitled to 10 seats.

High Peak, South Derbyshire and NE Derbyshire districts are all constituency-sized, but either High Peak or South Derbyshire needs to take at least one ward from the Derbyshire Dales seat to bring it down to the right size. I’ve chosen to add the Sudbury ward to South Derbyshire. Also, Chesterfield district is just slightly too big for one seat, so I’ve transferred Duckmanton village (740 voters) to NE Derbyshire.

Two Derby wards need to be in a non-Derby seat. One possibility is the Boulton and Chellaston wards, but that would split SE Derby between seats. Transferring Mickleover and Littleover would similarly divide SW Derby between seats. I also think Chaddesden shouldn’t be divided. This leaves NW Derby (the Darley Abbey area) as the best choice.

High Peak 71130
NE Derbyshire 77996*
Chesterfield 78288*
Bolsover 74676
Derbyshire Dales 77794
Amber Valley 78080
Derby West 78140
Derby East 71368
S Derbyshire 73105

Derbyshire in 1899


2018 Review: Buckinghamshire

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Milton Keynes is entitled to 2.27 seats. The rest of the county is entitled to 4.90 seats.

Because Northamptonshire has an entitlement of 6.60 seats, it’s helpful to review it with Milton Keynes (total 8.87, i.e. 9 seats).

There would then be Milton Keynes North and South seats (71094 and 71333 voters respectively, and the 27506 voters of Newport Pagnell, Olney, etc. would be in a seat with Towcester.

That leaves the rest of the county as follows:

Buckingham 71528
Aylesbury 71235
Chesham & Amersham 76964
Wycombe 72890
Beaconsfield 73984


2018 review: Lincolnshire

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At some point it’d be nice to “reunite” Lincolnshire with the parts it lost to Humberside, but for the time being it’d be too disruptive.

Relatively minor changes are required to the county’s seats.


Lincoln 77663
Sleaford 77031
Grantham & Stamford 77056
South Holland 74332
Boston & Skegness 71616
Louth & Horncastle 71182
Gainsborough 72401

Lincolnshire in 1899