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2018 Review: Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley & St Helens

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Liverpool 4.07
Sefton 2.66
Knowsley 1.47
St Helens 1.75

Liverpool can be dealt with on its own for 4 seats. The combined entitlement for the other three boroughs is 5.88, i.e. 6 seats.

Because of the particular difficulties of this area, I’ve chosen to include Southport in the Lancashire plan.

The only real problem left (if we aren’t worried too much about splitting wards in order to create a satisfactory St Helens-Prescot-Whiston seat) is the split of Kirkby, with most of the town in the Sefton seat and the Southdene part of town in the Knowsley seat. This is unfortunate, but keeping all of Kirkby in one seat would require a lot of fiddling with the Liverpool border.

The polling districts in Knowsley village and Cronton are P1, P2 (2111 voters) and W8 (1056 voters).


Liverpool Riverside 77114
Liverpool Fazakerley 74616
Liverpool Wavertree 75983
Liverpool Garston 76265
Bootle & Crosby 76615
Sefton-Kirkby 77547
Huyton 71387*
St Helens North 71570
Prescot-St Helens 77250*



Rationalising Merseyside

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What’s the point of Knowsley Metropolitan Borough? Conceived as an afterthought in 1974, it’s a patch of small towns and suburbs between Liverpool and St Helens. It’s somewhat dysfunctional, making the news recently for becoming the first borough in the country not to offer A Levels in any of its schools. That’s right: a borough with a population of 150,000 doesn’t offer A Levels to its children.

Surely this non-place has outlived any possible reason for its existence? My suggestion would be to add Huyton and Halewood to Liverpool, Prescot and Whiston to St Helens, and Kirkby and Knowsley village to Sefton. (Additionally, Southport might be removed from Sefton.)

Is it possible that people in Huyton would rather be in Knowsley borough than in Liverpool, which, whatever problems it may have had, is an important and vibrant city. A city where children can stay at school after 16.