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2018 Review: Cheshire, Wirral, Trafford & Salford

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Wirral 3.14
Cheshire West 3.43
Cheshire East 3.62
Halton 1.24
Warrington 2.05
Trafford 2.13
Salford 2.18
Total 17.80 —-> 18 seats

The spanner in the works here is Halton. The two main unitary authorities could be dealt with together for 7 seats; the Wirral could even be dealt with separately for 3 large seats; but Halton needs to be added to the mix.

It’d be good to use Halton to make up the numbers in the Merseyside group, but that would leave the whole region one seat short, so there’s no real option but to group Cheshire, Wirral and Halton together, and look for another area to make up the numbers, and Trafford & Salford fit the bill.

Finally, Warrington can and should be dealt with separately for 2 seats, but since this review area has an average seat size of less than 73000 it’s very difficult to create 16 good seats in quota without adding Lymm to the Bucklow (Knutsford) seat.

Wallasey 74240
Birkenhead 72957
Wirral 77137
Ellesmere Port 73382
Chester 73723
Eddisbury 73627
Halton 78327
Northwich 71931
Crewe & Nantwich 72326
Congleton 71287
Macclesfield 72751
Bucklow 74659
Sale & Altrincham 77226
Stretford & Irlam 75804
Salford & Eccles 73741
Swinton & Worsley 74004
Warrington North 71107
Warrington South 72174

Cheshire in 1899



2018 Review: Manchester, Bury & Bolton

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Manchester 4.62
Bury 1.80
Bolton 2.53
Total 8.95 —-> 9 seats


Bolton North East 73639
Bolton South West 76912
Radcliffe & Farnworth 77546
Bury 71594
Prestwich & Blackley 73010*
Manchester Central 71722* (includes HAA HAE HAF HAG HAJ, 4097 voters)
Manchester Levenshulme 73448
Manchester Chorlton 76997
Manchester Wythenshawe 74315


2018 Review: Wigan

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3 seats


Wigan 73783
Makerfield 76123*
Leigh 78091* – includes LGC LGD, 3142 voters


2018 Review: Stockport & Tameside

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5 seats.

stock tame

Ashton 77564
Stalybridge & Hyde 71050
Denton & Stockport North 76088
Cheadle 74142* includes SA SB SC (3249 voters)
Hazel Grove 76980*


2018 Review: Oldham & Rochdale

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Two seats each.

old roch

Oldham West 76684
Oldham East 77067
Rochdale West 75870
Rochdale East 72540


2018 Review: Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley & St Helens

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Liverpool 4.07
Sefton 2.66
Knowsley 1.47
St Helens 1.75

Liverpool can be dealt with on its own for 4 seats. The combined entitlement for the other three boroughs is 5.88, i.e. 6 seats.

Because of the particular difficulties of this area, I’ve chosen to include Southport in the Lancashire plan.

The only real problem left (if we aren’t worried too much about splitting wards in order to create a satisfactory St Helens-Prescot-Whiston seat) is the split of Kirkby, with most of the town in the Sefton seat and the Southdene part of town in the Knowsley seat. This is unfortunate, but keeping all of Kirkby in one seat would require a lot of fiddling with the Liverpool border.

The polling districts in Knowsley village and Cronton are P1, P2 (2111 voters) and W8 (1056 voters).


Liverpool Riverside 77114
Liverpool Fazakerley 74616
Liverpool Wavertree 75983
Liverpool Garston 76265
Bootle & Crosby 76615
Sefton-Kirkby 77547
Huyton 71387*
St Helens North 71570
Prescot-St Helens 77250*


2018 Review: Lancashire

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Lancashire 11.46
Blackpool 1.30
Blackburn 1.29
Total 14.06 —-> 14 seats

Now we’re on to the difficult areas. Lancashire is remarkable in that it has 14 seats for its 14 districts but not a single district is the right size for one constituency. So needs must there are lots of places where seats bleed over into neighbouring districts, dividing them or creating orphan wards.

There’s been lots of discussion on the Vote UK message boards, especially about the north of the county, where there needs to be a large rural seat, but the question is: how large? In the end I’ve gone for a seat at the top end of the size range, extending from Lunesdale to the edge of Preston and across to Bowland. I’m not sure this is the best option, but it does allow quite a lot of the seats to respect district boundaries as much as possible. For example, Preston and South Ribble.

I have indulged in a bit of jiggery-pokery though. The south-western districts are too big for three seats, so I’ve hived part of West Lancashire off into the Southport seat, which does of course come under Sefton in Merseyside. I’ve only allowed myself to do this because it’s also useful for keeping the seats the right size in Sefton and Knowsley, and because otherwise Formby would be split between seats.

Lancaster & Morecambe 74361
North Lancashire 72769 – includes Lancaster Uni, and Ingol & Lea in Preston
Wyre & Bispham 75218
Blackpool 72993
Fylde 74008 – includes Poulton
Preston 72286
Blackburn 72816
Rossendale & Darwen 74991
Hyndburn 72486 – includes Wilpshire, Langho and Simonstone
Pendle & Clitheroe 71328 – includes Whalley
Burnley 72117 – includes Brierfield
South Ribble 78387
West Lancashire 78462 – includes Eccleston & Charnock Richard
Chorley 76703
Southport 77465 – includes Tarleton area

Lancashire in 1899