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2018 Review: West Sussex

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8 seats


Chichester 72398
Bognor 71816
Arun 74053
Worthing 77529
Shoreham 73578
Horsham 77819
Mid Sussex 77031
Crawley 74325



2018 Review: Kent & East Sussex

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Since the entitlement for these counties is 16.41 and for 7.57 respectively, it makes sense to review them together, with West Sussex (8.01) separately. It is possible to put the two Sussex counties together, and review Kent separately, but then all the 16 seats in Kent would be above average size and all the 16 seats in Sussex would be below average size.

The plan presented here is somewhat creative, with three split wards. The split ward in Brighton allows the creation of a coastal seat along to Seaham. The alternative would be a “Lewes & Brighton North” seat, with Seaham in a Weald seat. The split ward in Medway isn’t necessary to balance the electorates, but it is needed to get Chatham town centre into the Chatham seat.

The split ward south of Dartford is, oddly enough, a consequence of the choice of cross-border seat and my choices around Thanet and Canterbury. The Thanet seat is quite large in order to create space for a seat that keeps the coastal towns north of Canterbury together in one seat. But this means that the seats in the rest of the county have to be quite small, and in that case it’s not always possible to avoid a split. The cross-border seat is Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough; later I’ll add a plan that includes a cross-border seat in the High Weald area.

Hove 74716
Brighton Central 74096* (includes PDs AY & AZ, 2383 voters)
Newhaven 76152*
Lewes & The Weald 78160
Eastbourne 76546
Bexhill & Hailsham 77592
Hastings & Rye 77460
Shepway 77333
Dover 74928
East Thanet 78130
North Kent Coast 75023
Canterbury 73733
Sittingbourne & Sheppey 75638
Mid Kent 71408
Ashford 73194
Maidstone 73443
Tunbridge Wells & Crowborough 78058
Tonbridge 71074
Rochester & Chatham 74058* (includes PDs RR3 & RR4, 1739 voters)
Gillingham 72892*
West Medway 73576
Sevenoaks 71619*
Dartford 71545*
Gravesham 72978


2018 Review: Hampshire

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Hampshire 13.25
Portsmouth 1.80
Southampton 1.98
Total 17.03 —-> 17 seats

Here are three options for Hampshire, the variations mainly being in the centre of the county. Five seats are the same throughout:

Southampton Test 73357
Southampton Itchen 74822
Rushmoor 74538
Portsmouth South 75389
Gosport 72357

1: Winchester with “Romsey Rural”

hants rad

New Forest West 75693
New Forest East (Romsey & Hythe) 77345
Fareham 75528
Portsmouth North 73736
Havant 77639
Meon Valley 72010
East Hampshire 72303
Eastleigh 76191
Winchester 74683
Andover 73797
Basingstoke 78026
Hart 76092

2: Winchester with Bishops Waltham

hants nfew

New Forest West 75693
New Forest East (Romsey & Hythe) 77345
Fareham 75528
Portsmouth North 73736
Havant 77639
Meon Valley 73539
Alton & Fleet 77568
Eastleigh 76191
Winchester 76181
Test Valley 75832
Basingstoke 71402
North Hampshire (Kingsclere) 72389

3: Winchester with Alton

hants pohav

New Forest West 71289
New Forest East 72520
Fareham 75724
Portsmouth North 74077
Havant 77739
East Hampshire 77037
Hamble Valley 74335
Eastleigh & Romsey 71735
Winchester & Alton 78432
Andover 73797
Basingstoke 78026
Hart 78332


2018 Review: Berkshire

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Berkshire is entitled to 8 seats. The shape of the county, and the random settlement pattern, make it tricky to redistrict.

The plan below unites the south and east parts of the Reading urban area, which is currently split between four seats, into a single seat. You can’t travel from one end to the new Windsor-Ascot-Sandhurst seat without leaving the seat, but that doesn’t really matter; the towns aren’t very far apart and getting between them isn’t difficult. The new Bracknell & Wokingham seat includes the Farleywood polling district (BB/BC), 1631 voters.


Newbury 72026
Burghfield 74168
Reading West 72986
Reading East 71281
Bracknell & Wokingham 74587*
Maidenhead 71274*
South East Berkshire 72142
Slough 76668


2018 Review: Surrey

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At the end of the “zombie Review” the Boundary Commission came up with a clever idea: in order to disrupt the seats in NW Surrey as little as possible, simply add Colnbrook and Poyle to the Spelthorne seat. Trouble is, Colnbrook and Poyle are two villages in Berkshire, part of Slough borough, and it was unheard of to take a single ward from one county and add it to another to make the numbers up. Not surprisingly, this provoked some local discussion.

Move forward 5 years and the same option arises. I’m not as set against it as I was then, but I still prefer all the seats in a county to all be in the county, wherever possible. So I’ve divided Spelthorne, Runnymede and Elmbridge up as reasonably as I think I can, without breaking communities up, although I’ve had to separate Hersham from Walton.

Elsewhere in the county I’ve tried to address certain failings of the current arrangements. The Guildford seat will only include wards from Guildford borough. Banstead, currently divided between seats, will form part of a new seat. These two changes mean there will also be new Reigate and Dorking seats that are considerably different from what went before.


Staines & Egham 71513
Crouch Oak 73927
Esher & Walton 74043
Surrey Heath 77585
Woking 74959
Guildford 77598
SW Surrey 74494
Dorking 74843
Epsom 73722
Banstead & Caterham 71245
Reigate & Godstone 72595


2018 Review: Oxfordshire

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Oxfordshire is entitled to 6 seats.

There are quite a number of ways of drawing the electoral map of this county, so it’s a good idea to make a few decisions first, for example:

  1. Oxford is too big for a single seat, so some wards need to go in another seat. Those wards should be north Oxford wards, as now. They need not continue to be in the Abingdon seat, but they should be in a seat with a town that’s relatively close.
  2. The Vale of White Horse should be kept as intact as possible.
  3. West Oxfordshire district (the Witney constituency) is just the right size for 1 seat, so should be kept in one piece if possible.

What happens to the county depends largely on what form the Banbury constituency takes. A Banbury-Bicester seat (A) is an awkward shape, and excludes most of the area around Bicester. A Banbury-Kidlington seat (B) would solve that problem, but Kidlington would probably go better with north Oxford. A Banbury-Chipping Norton seat (C) would mean the splitting of West Oxon, and would lead to either the splitting of the Vale of White Horse or a Witney-Oxford seat. Witney-Oxford is an okayish idea, but a bit novel for some tastes.

Banbury 78250
Witney 78455
Oxford 77269
Isis 77337
Henley 74711
Vale of White Horse 75312

Banbury 74826
Witney 78455
Oxford 76002
Vale of White Horse 78129*
Henley 77261*
East Oxfordshire 76661
*Steventon (PD SPC, 1221 voters) to be transferred to the Henley seat

Banbury 77739
Witney & Oxford North 76493
Bicester & Thame 75959
Oxford 76194
Vale of White Horse 76976
Henley 77973


2018 Review: Buckinghamshire

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Milton Keynes is entitled to 2.27 seats. The rest of the county is entitled to 4.90 seats.

Because Northamptonshire has an entitlement of 6.60 seats, it’s helpful to review it with Milton Keynes (total 8.87, i.e. 9 seats).

There would then be Milton Keynes North and South seats (71094 and 71333 voters respectively, and the 27506 voters of Newport Pagnell, Olney, etc. would be in a seat with Towcester.

That leaves the rest of the county as follows:

Buckingham 71528
Aylesbury 71235
Chesham & Amersham 76964
Wycombe 72890
Beaconsfield 73984