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2018 Review: Birmingham & Sandwell

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Birmingham 9.19
Sandwell 2.88
Total: 12.07 —-> 12 seats

Birmingham and Sandwell can be reviewed separately or together. If together, it requires one Birmingham ward to be in a Sandwell seat, and the best choice, in my opinion, is Quinton.

bham sandwell plan

Sutton Coldfield 73172
Erdington 75068*
Perry Barr 72624* includes CVE CVG CVJ
Saltley 75186* includes DCJ
Yardley 77408*
Hall Green 77987* includes CAA CAE CAF DCI
Kings Norton 73253* includes CSD CSE CSF
Northfield 71518* includes CNI
Edgbaston 74178
Warley 77756
Tipton & Rowley Regis 76312* includes GGG WSA WSB
West Bromwich & Wednesbury 77826*

(updated 13/9/16 with official polling district electorates)



2018 Review: Dudley, Wolverhampton & Walsall

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Dudley 3.20
Wolverhampton 2.28
Walsall 2.50
Total 7.98 —-> 8 seats

The large ward sizes make redistribution in West Midlands county very difficult. This plan isn’t ideal regarding Wolverhampton, but that leaves you with the opportunity to find a better arrangement.

The Halesowen-Stourbridge seat excludes a very small part of Stourbridge that’s in the Lye & Stourbridge North ward, and even so it’s still slightly oversize, so Cradley needs to be added to the Brierley Hill seat, giving it a bit of wispy tail.


Halesowen & Stourbridge 72802* (includes Wollescote 3920 voters)
Brierley Hill & Kingswinford 75477* (includes Cradley 5836 voters)
Dudley Castle 71722
Coseley & Penn 76122
Tettenhall & Bushbury 77938
Bilston & Willenhall 73200
Walsall Town 72746
Aldridge-Brownhills 76570


2018 Review: Warwickshire

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This area includes the following authorities:
Warwickshire 5.37
Coventry 2.81
Solihull 2.06
i.e. 10 seats in total.

The Meriden seat is slightly too big so needs to lose Catherine-de-Barnes (568 voters) to the Solihull seat. That gives electorates for the two seats of:
Solihull 75689*
Meriden 78184*

For the first time, part of Coventry will have to form a seat with an area outside the city. One possibility would be NW Coventry, but northern Warwickshire is quite constricted and such an arrangement would make a mess of the seats around Nuneaton. The other possibility is the south of the city with Kenilworth, and this works very well. I’d prefer to do this without putting the Radford Semele ward in the Rugby seat, but if you don’t do that, you have to put the Stoneleigh ward in the Coventry/Kenilworth seat, making it too big. That might’ve been solved by splitting the Cheylesmore ward, with the Whitley part being added to Coventry East, but unfortunately the Whitley part doesn’t have quite enough electors.


North Warwickshire 74124
Nuneaton 76385
Rugby 76575
Stratford 78370
Warwick 77569
Coventry S & Kenilworth 77275
Coventry NW 77745
Coventry E 73304



2018 Review: Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire

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Entitlement to seats:
Shropshire 4.67
Herefordshire 1.78
Worcestershire 5.72
Total 12.17 —–> 12

Not at lot to say that you can’t see from the map!


North Shropshire 77768
Shrewsbury 77830
The Wrekin 75247
Telford 75159
Ludlow 76169
Hereford 74800
Malvern 72345
Evesham 74847
Worcester 76718
Wyre Forest 77378
Bromsgrove 76100
Redditch 75547

Worcestershire and Shropshire in 1899


2018 Review: Staffordshire

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At the 2013 Review I was part of an ad hoc Team Newcastle, that persuaded the Boundary Commission not to split that fine Staffordshire town between seats. I’m sure the Commission will learn from its mistake, but the Kidsgrove Question remains: should that town be in a Newcastle seat or a Stoke seat? My decision is based on the knock-on effects through the rest of the Potteries.

Newcastle-under-Lyme 71622
Burslem, Tunstall & Kidsgrove 75725
Hanley 71730
Longton & Stone 73842

Advantages: Newcastle and hinterland in one seat. Reasonable inter-Stoke boundaries.
Disadvantages: Two seats crossing Stoke boundary.

Newcastle & Kidsgrove 73174
Hanley, Burslem & Tunstall 73835
Stoke Hulme 72866
Pirehill 73044

Advantages: Two seats wholly in Stoke. Less of Stoke in Stone seat.
Disadvantages: Newcastle separated from hinterland. Longton divided between seats.

Elsewhere there’s not much to consider except whether to put Hixon in Lichfield. It’s not strictly necessary but it does improve the pattern of constituencies.


Staffordshire Moorlands 78211
Burton 72542
Stafford 74779
South Staffs 75323
Cannock Chase 73470
Lichfield 74778
Tamworth 73305

Staffordshire in 1899