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2018 Review: Sheffield

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Entitlement: 5.10 —> 5 seats

Sheffield is difficult even if we allow ourselves to split as many wards as we like. (And the argument that we should respect ward boundaries doesn’t hold here – the boundaries that the Commission is using are not even current.) I like the idea of an Ecclesfield (North) seat, but I’d prefer to adjust the electorate by removing Grenoside, and possibly Birley too, but the numbers just don’t work. Another option would be to use the old Sheffield boundary (the Hartley Brook) – making an Ecclesfield-Stocksbridge seat – but the numbers don’t work for that either. So I’ve had to fall back on the less good solution of adding Wincobank (polling districts VD VE VF VG, 6178 voters) to the East seat.

Another split ward is required on the opposite side of the city, and I think it’s better to actually split two wards, adding the Endcliffe (NB NC 3595) and Port Mahon (ZF ZG ZI 4399) areas to South West, to create a good boundary.


South 78448
South West 76096*
North West 77763*
North 76040*
East 73083*



2018 Review: Leeds & Bradford

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Leeds 6.89 seats
Bradford 4.37
Total 11.26 —-> 11 seats

Because Bradford borough is too big for 4 seats, it makes sense to add its Ilkley and Wharfedale wards to a Leeds seat. This allows for a reasonable redistribution in Leeds with only 2 split wards. Calverley (polling districts CFA & CFB, 4048 voters) is in the Aire/Wharfe seat, and Holbeck (polling districts BHA BHB BHH BHJ, 2811 voters) is in the Central seat.

In Bradford, Bingley needs to be in the Keighley seat with a couple of the Bingley villages. I think Cottingley belongs with Bingley, so I’ve included Denholme and Wilsden (polling districts 3E 3F 3G 3H, 5939 voters) in the Shipley seat. The border between the Shipley and South seats goes along the Middle Brook, crossing the Clayton & Fairweather Green ward. Clayton (polling districts 8D 8E 8F 8G, 5639 voters) is in the South seat.


Aire and Wharfe 76319*

Leeds West (Pudsey) 77763*
Leeds South (Morley) 78112*
Leeds Central 73168*
Leeds East 76213
Leeds North 77231
Elmet & Rothwell 77287

Keighley 77134*
Bradford North West (Shipley) 75308*
Bradford South 77649*
Bradford East 75903

leeds bradford plan


2018 Review: Calderdale & Kirklees

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Entitlements: Calderdale 1.91 (2 seats); Kirklees 3.95 (4 seats).

Both these boroughs can be dealt with on their own, if one ward is split in each. This is preferable to unnecessarily disrupting neighbouring boroughs by tacking on wards from Bradford and/or Wakefield.

calderkirk plan

Calder Valley 71536* includes EC ED EE EF (Lightcliffe 5147 voters)
Halifax 71328* includes EA EBĀ  (Hipperholme 3523 voters)
Batley & Spen 75961
Huddersfield 76540
Dewsbury 71545* includes KI4 KI5 KI6 KI7 KI10 (Kirkburton & Flockton 6095 voters)
Colne Valley 71358* includes KI1 KI2 KI3 KI8 KI9 (Farnley Tyas, Shepley & Shelley 5621 voters)


2018 Review: Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Wakefield

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Doncaster 2.83
Rotherham 2.57
Barnsley 2.24
Wakefield 3.17
Total: 10.81 —-> 11 seats

One Wakefield ward needs to be transferred out of the borough, as it were. None of the West Yorkshire boroughs needs a ward, whilst Doncaster does need an extra ward, so it’s a bit of a no-brainer to link the two boroughs. It does leave the problem of creating three seats in Wakefield borough, in particular whether Hemsworth should include South Wakefield or Horbury and part of Ossett. On balance I prefer the former option, even though it means splitting the Pontefract South ward, with Darrington & East Hardwick (PDs 13NF/NG, 1304 voters) in Hemsworth.

In Doncaster borough, I’ve collected together the eight wards which seem most Doncastery into the Doncaster seat, and the other two seats then fall into place.

The average seat size in Rotherham and Barnsley is quite low, but it is possible to make sensible seats without ward splits. The addition of Wombwell to Wentworth looks odd, but there is continuous development with Brampton and Wath.

I wonder whether the Rother Valley name is appropriate; I did consider “Kiveton Park” or “Morthen” instead.


Wakefield 76795
Pontefract 76793*
Hemsworth 71350*
Bentley & Thorne 73119
Doncaster 77893
Mexborough 72616
Rother Valley 73027
Rotherham 71420
Wentworth & Dearne 71483
Barnsley South 72428
Barnsley North 71295


2018 Review: Humberside

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East Riding 3.40
Hull 2.35
North Lincs 1.51
North East Lincs 1.60
Total 8.85 —-> 9 seats

These areas should probably be reviewed with Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, but there’s no pressing need to do so – it’d add extra complications to a process that is complicated enough already.

The Hull-Haltemprice urban area can be divided up in several different ways; feel free to suggest an alternative to the one I’ve gone for here.

The choices for Grimsby and Cleethorpes are more limited. Grimsby is too small for a seat; Grimsby-Cleethorpes is too big for a seat. So the only sensible option is a seat that includes as much of the two towns as possible, leaving out either Scartho or Great Coates. Leaving out Scartho would require an extra ward split, so I’ve chosen Great Coates.


Haverstoe ward is split, with polling districts 2/3/4 (the Chichester Road area, 3315 voters) in the Grimsby & Cleethorpes seat, and PDs 1/5/6 (4903 voters) in the Brigg seat.


Bridlington 77061
Beverley 76641
Hull North 71111
Hull South 71156
Haltemprice 75744
Goole 75259
Scunthorpe 71820
Brigg 71756*
Grimsby & Cleethorpes 71447*



2018 Review: North Yorkshire

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North Yorkshire (including York) is entitled to 8 seats.

I’m no fan of the current York Inner/Outer seats – I’ve no idea how the MPs or constituents know where the border is – so I’ve changed them to East and West.

The Ryedale (Thirsk & Malton) seat is slightly too small, so, rather than adding districts from Scarborough district I’ve added Tanfield ward, and I’m also including South Otterington village (in Morton ward), which the green line on the map shows is actually in the seat already.


York East 73231
York West 74133
Selby & Ainsty 72685
Harrogate 74319
Skipton & Ripon 74270
Richmond 73795*
Thirsk & Malton 71459*
Scarborough & Whitby 75963